New Music: Ne-Yo feat. RaVaughn & Candice Boyd – ‘More Than I Should’

As the world turns, Ne-Yo gets dramatic on “More Than I Should: An Audio Soap Opera,” his latest release, which features his protégées RaVaughn and Candice Boyd.

The suspenseful track finds the R&B gentleman in a love triangle with his girlfriend and his best friend. “Damn, you just my homie,” he sings. “But I love the way you hold me down / Shouldn’t be feeling how I’m feeling right now / ‘Cause you got me liking you way more than I should.”

Before taking twists and turns, RaVaughn continues the story from the “homegirl” perspective. “Now, I’m feeling filthy,” she sings. “When I didn’t know her, it was something else, but now I’m feeling all guilty / ‘Cause she cool as hell, but I still find myself / Here, liking you way more than I should.”

Candice wraps up the soap opera by playing the role of the girlfriend. “I’ve never been a fool, I’ve never been stupid,” she sings. “He’s feeling you and I always knew it.” But, then the plot twist hits with some girl-on-girl action.

“She let me kiss it,” she sings. “I know we agreed not to tell / But given the circumstances, oh well / Is it me, is it him? Tell me what’s good / Because I find myself here, liking you way more than I should.”

Ne-Yo shared the track by calling it “another appetizer.” He added: “The only thing that matters even more than the music is the story you tell.”

“More Than I Should” follows the release of “Earn Your Love” and Ne-Yo’s take on Kendrick Lamar’s “HUMBLE.” All of these cuts have been “appetizers” for the R&B star’s first album since 2015’s Non-Fiction, which is slated to arrive this year.