Carrington Scott BIA

BIA Drops 2 New Songs: ‘Badside’ & ‘Fungshway’

BIA has already received co-signs from Pharrell and Ariana Grande and now, the Puerto Rican-Italian rapper unleashes two new solo singles.

The first of those is “Badside,” a hard-hitting track that the i am OTHER signee co-wrote with producer Cardo. Over the hitmaker’s potent production, BIA raps about her haters with confidence.

“I got grown women, they feeling like mini-mes,” she raps. “I got my homegirls, they turn into frenemies / Don’t fuck with my bad side, don’t fuck up my energy.”

As if that wasn’t enough, Perico Princess also dropped “Fungshway.” Backed by Cardo’s heavy-hitting production once again, BIA raps about getting rid of negative energy.

“I cannot kick it with you, get out my face,” she raps. “I can’t trust your vibe, get out my space / If you going broke, I can’t relate / I can’t have you here, you fucking up my fungshway.”

“Badside” and “Fungshway” arrive just as BIA continues her run on Ariana Grande’s “Dangerous Woman Tour” through Europe.