50 Cent and Jimmy Kimmel

50 Cent Surprises Fans, Talks Grandpa's Strip Club Etiquette on 'Kimmel'

  /  07.14.2017

50 Cent takes over “Jimmy Kimmel Live!”

Shortly after receiving a birthday message from Eminem, the G-Unit General opens up about what it was like to get signed by one of his idols.

“Em was so excited about me when I first signed that I thought the MTV cameras was gonna come out,” he said, “like it was ‘Punk’d.’ I listened to his music and I was like, ‘I’m trying to do what you do.'”

But Eminem isn’t the only person that Fif talked about during his “Kimmel” experience, where he also dished on the upcoming Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather fight, which is currently being promoted. According to 50, he helped make the fight happen. So, what about compensation? “I ain’t get nothing,” he said, before slyly adding, “Well, you know, I’ma get somethin’.”


Another person 50 brought up during the interview was his 84-year-old grandfather, who recently accompanied him on a trip to Puerto Rico. “I spend time with him and he’ll suggest things for us to do,” he said. “He’ll go, ‘Why don’t you take me to one of them clubs?’ He was talking about the strip club.”

Once they arrived, Fif realized his grandpa had some different spending habits at the club. “He do it like one dollar at a time,” he said. “I just throw it away. You gotta have fun. It’s not even about touching nothing, just the room, things flying. He just does it a little slower, like one bill at a time.”

50 was on hand to promote the upcoming season of “Power,” his hit television show, which is going head to head against “Game of Thrones” on Sundays now. According to the G-Unit boss, he isn’t afraid of the TV titan.

“You might not be into that age of things,” he said of the series. “You’re talking about a different period piece. You wanna go back, way over there, or you wanna see something that’s happening now?”

But Fif wasn’t just in-studio for this episode of “Kimmel.” He also participated in “50 Cent Is Standing Right Behind You,” a segment where fans were asked about him while he stood behind their backs.

“I wouldn’t say he’s the greatest of all time. I’d say [he’s] about a seven or six,” one fan said, before 50 revealed himself. Then, the fan had a different take: “He’s the best rapper of all time, man. I ain’t even playing with y’all!”

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