Watch DJ Khaled and Asahd Face Off in Apple Music Commercial

DJ Khaled has been played…by his son.

The hip-hop mogul and his famous offspring Asahd Khaled star in a hilarious new commercial for Apple Music to promote Khaled’s new single “No Brainer” featuring Justin Bieber, Chance the Rapper, and Quavo.

Kevin Hart provides the voice of Asahd, who is seen sitting in his high chair while taking a phone call from his lawyer. “No longer will I be used as a pawn,” he tells his attorney. “He my DJ now.”

His father walks in the room and he quickly hangs up before they argue whether it should be “Asahd and Khaled” or “Khaled and Asahd.” Khaled suggests they call mom, but Asahd is not having it. “I ain’t got to talk to mommy about this,” says the young icon, who is executive producing Khaled’s upcoming album Father of Asahd.

“Tell your lawyer don’t play no games with me. This is family,” responds Khaled, but Asahd is not having it. “This business,” he says.

The Anthony Mandler-directed commercial ends with Asahd telling Siri to play DJ Khaled’s new single “No Brainer,” which drops tomorrow at 10 a.m. EST.