Nicki Minaj Shares Encouraging Words for Female Rappers

Nicki Minaj is sharing some words of wisdom.

While backstage at Billboard’s Women in Music event last week, the Queen offered some advice for women struggling to find their self-worth.

“I find that when there’s a lot of chaos or when I’m confused about who I am or feeling low or confused, taking time away to not be around other people and just get yourself focused, I think that’s always great,” Nicki told Billboard.

The newly-married rapper continued to spread some encouraging words. “Your peace is the most important thing and knowing you’re beautiful and knowing you’re great is extremely important,” she added. “You shouldn’t need anyone to tell you that; you should just know it and feel it every single day. You are that bitch.”

Minaj went on to praise the new wave of female rappers, while suggesting changes she would like to see going forward. “What I would love to see some more of in the industry is less politics, less mentality that it’s about who you know and more just talent, talent, talent,” said Nicki. “I would love for rappers to be so passionate about rap that we feel it. Everyone that has just come into the game, I’m proud of you guys ’cause it’s not easy and I know that. So keep on doing your thing.”

Minaj was presented with the Game-Changer award by Normani at last week’s Billboard Women in Music event. During her speech, she paid tribute to the late Juice WRLD, who she toured with earlier in the year. “I felt like he was a kindred spirit and looking back now, I wish I did something differently or said something to help,” she said.