6ix9ine, Meek Mill, Future, and Snoop Dogg

6ix9ine Puts Meek Mill, Future, and Snoop Dogg on Blast

  /  06.12.2020

6ix9ine is putting the rap game on blast, and no one’s safe.

Just before releasing his new single “Trollz” with Nicki Minaj, the controversial MC took to Instagram Live on Thursday night to call out some of his detractors. Speaking to his 800,000 viewers, he vowed to expose his fellow rappers for being hypocrites when it comes to snitching.

“I’ma show you how this rap game is full of liars,” Tekashi said, according to Complex. “I’ma show you how this rap game full of rats … I’ma show you how the rap game really works … The rap game don’t want you to know certain stuff. I’ma expose the rap game right now, ’cause I got facts.”

First on his hit list was Meek Mill, who has been critical of 6ix9ine in the past and called him a “rat.”

“I’ma start with Meek Mill … I’m not clout chasing. I have more followers than you,” he said before bringing up Roc Nation CEO Desiree Perez.

6ix9ine did a Google search and pulled up a 2015 article that detailed Perez’s cooperation as an informant with the Drug Enforcement Administration in the ’90s. He also showed photos of Perez alongside Meek, who is managed by Roc Nation.

“Meek Mill, you can’t pick and choose who you want to call rats. This is public information,” he said. “Ever since Nicki left you, you are a nobody … Did you forget who you was? I forgot what Drake said, what did Drake say? ‘Was that your tour or your girl’s tour?'”

He then took aim at Future for his recent post about snitches on Instagram Stories. “I believe if u hang with a snitch u a snitch and deserve to die,” he wrote.

Tekashi suggested that Future was fake for not living the lifestyle he raps about and that he didn’t take care of his kids, while calling him a rat for associating with Meek.

“You rap about molly, percs, and all this shit, and never got locked up for no drug offense,” he said. “You say, if you hang out with a rat, you’re a rat. So what does that make you? ‘Cause you hang out with these n***as.”

He also claimed that Future and Meek were unable to make a hit without Drake. “Before I became a rat, I did it on my own. Think about that,” he said. “So if you’re chilling with a rat makes you a rat … you’re a fucking rat.”

Tekashi then turned his attention to Snoop Dogg, once again alleging that the rap legend was a snitch and that Snoop messaged him to “throw the white flag.” He played an interview with Suge Knight where the Death Row mogul insinuates that Snoop avoided prison by cooperating with the feds.

He also threatened to call out Young Thug and Gunna. “I’ma just leave that for another day,” said 6ix9ine.

Nicki eventually joined the livestream and addressed the snitching topic. “I feel street n***as have every right to feel how they want to feel about snitching because they live that life,” she said. “I feel rappers need to play it easy because everybody mingles and integrates with everybody, and if a top executive rat calls one of y’all unsigned rappers right now, y’all signing.”

She continued, “I’m not on the block with 6ix9ine. Me and 6ix9ine is not on the block. We in the music business. You rappers is in rooms all the time with people with sketchy pasts and I’m not judging anybody ’cause I’m not doing that. I have nothing but respect for so many of these people and I would never fix my face to talk crazy about them.”

However, she admitted that her husband, Kenneth Petty, “doesn’t fuck with the snitch culture.” “And I respect him because he’s lived a different life,” she added.


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