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Soulja Boy Calls Out J. Cole After Appearance On Lil Yachty Podcast

  /  11.04.2023

Saturday morning (Nov. 4), Soulja Boy sent a direct warning to J. Cole after he mentioned how he discovered his music during a podcast episode with Lil Yachty’s “A Safe Space Podcast.”

In the viral clip, Cole mentioned, “When Soulja Boy was first coming out, my favorite rappers were 2Pac, Nas, JAY-Z, Andre 3000, you know, people with the highest skill level. So when I heard ‘Soulja Boy Tell Em,’ it sounds crazy because it’s a classic to me now, but I was resistant to it at first.”

He continued to say, “I had to have the realization that I am a hater. Like, bro, you are a hater.” Ending the statement, “You would be better off realizing that you would be better off trying to learn from then. After that, I turned from a hater to an appreciator, making me a better artist.”

After seeing the positive clip, Soulja Boy oddly warned J. Cole, telling him, “Aye bruh don’t speak on me, I’m not Lil Pump, Drake, or none of these rapper ni**as. On God.” Before that post, he exclaimed, “Ni**as always hated on me nothing new. Him and Big Sean was on some hating s**t. But f**k them, I’m still lit.”

The “Kiss Me Through The Phone” emcee also posted a screenshot alluding to him being old. Many of his fans commented on the post condemning the action. One fan shared, “Yeah, he was hating back then, but since then, he’s giving you your props as someone who excels artistically in a way he can’t. How many other artists of his caliber are honest like that and will say they were wrong about you or wrong in general.”

During the most recent interview, Cole also discussed his first Billboard Hot 100 #1, his relationship with Drake, how he met Lil Yachty, his forthcoming album The Fall Off, and even shed light on the alleged album between him and Kendrick Lamar.  Watch the full J. Cole interview with Lil Yachty via YouTube below!



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