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Lil Yachty Claps Back At Trolls On Social Media After Saying "Hip Hop Is In A Terrible Place"

  /  11.12.2023

Saturday (Nov. 11), Lil Yachty clapped back at the fans on social media who voiced their displeasure with him after his statements at Rolling Stone’s Musicians on Musicians event in Brooklyn, New York.

During an in-depth panel discussion with Tierra Whack and Delisa Shannon, the Grammy-nominated artist passionately stated, “Hip hop is in a terrible place. The state of hip hop right now is a lot of imitation. It’s a lot of quick, low-quality music being put out. It’s a lot less risk-taking, it’s a lot less originality… People are too safe now. Everyone is so safe. I’d rather take the risk than take the L.”


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The “Oprah’s Bank Account” emcee used the next day to shoot back at the fans who did not like his comments. One user said, “U just signed four female Veezes, and u imitate Earl [Sweatshirt] when he raps over Alchemist beats, dude.” Yachty responded, “I signed one girl. And I don’t imitate Earl [Sweatshirt]… u n**gas just be talking, bro.. u n**gas who hide behind pop culture pictures just be saying anything for likes and retweets.. people act like the world is going to s**t when a n**ga gives an opinion.”

He followed up that post by saying, “U n**gas will tweet some negative bout me to get all the likes just to post that weak-a** SoundCloud link under it, and nobody clicks that s**t.” Interestingly, the same fan who sent the diss at the multi-platinum rapper had multiple tweets praising Yachty’s most recent album, Let’s Start Here.

In one post, he stated, “Nah, this Lil Yachty album is lowkey fire.” After that, he tweeted, “Nah, Lil Yachty might have my AOTY so far.” Yachty caught wind of the tweets and posted them saying, “LIKE HUH?”


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