Yung Berg Previews Debut Album


Epic Records opened its studio doors last Wednesday to host Yung Berg’s listening session for his debut, Look What You Made Me. The album, available August 12th, features the company of Eve, Trey Songz, Lloyd, Amerie, Shawnna, Twista, Collie Buddz, and Ray J; the latter made an appearance at the event to show his support for the rapper. As tracks like “The Business” featuring Casha and “Sexy Can I” featuring Ray J echoed throughout the studio, models sashayed around the spacious room serving Hennessy mojitos and Sexy Ladies—a Hennessy specialty drink—to guests as they anticipated the man of the hour’s arrival.

When Berg finally arrived, he and his entourage stood before the microphone introducing each of his records. The 23-year-old Chicago native sat on a stool and revealed the story behind the making of each track. He referred to “Do That There” featuring Dude ‘N’ Nem as the street single, a record reminiscent of T.I.’s “Big Things Poppin’” because of its Southern flair, while “Victory Lap” featuring Eve and Collie Buddz, has a beat strictly for East Coast hip-hop lovers. Other joints on the album glide to the West, but then rest right back in the Chi. Though he represents the Windy City, the sound Yung Berg expels on his album transcends his region. He’s cultivated his brand of hip-pop, taken his experiences from dwelling in Chicago, New Jersey, Montana, and Los Angeles, to make an album which leads him to profess, “Ay ya’ll, Look What You Made Me!”

–Angela M. Barrett in New York

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  1. Skuttle

    I’ll admit, Yung Berg is an exception to “last in, first out” rule when it comes
    to [young] rappers. His song “sexy lady” ft. Junior wasn’t bad, and he even
    topped that with the remix to it. Granted he may have his racisms (“Dark-Butts”)
    which I’m sure for any music listener would turn them OFF, but Berg embodies a
    persona similar to either Omarion or even Bow Wow, now. Which makes you think:
    who’s really better? Berg v. Bow Wow??? (I got my money on Berg by the way)

  2. Almighty SK

    i am really amazed with this article. it was well-written and very interesting but i dont really rock with YB simply because he doesnt appeal to me lyrically. i have to admit though, he is really hardworking when it comes to his music. he is also very marketable. epic records gambled right when they gambled with him.

  3. Just Phrase

    Nicely…written. Although, I won\’t be coppin\’ it, he seems to be poppin up all over the place promoting this new album, but admidst his controversial statements lately, this guy definitely has a lot to learn….and how to not alienate a fraction of your fan base with generalizations and comments that will obv. offend someone.. Tact is always a great skill.

  4. D.

    Ahhhh, if only all the jobs in the world offered Hennessy mojito’s to their employees while on the job. I really enjoyed this article. Even though I am not really a fan of Young Berg, this article really helped me visualize how his music sounds. Excellent read!