New Music: Jay-Z – ‘D.O.A.’


Jay-Z finally gives us what we’ve been waiting for: the street single from his eleventh studio album The Blueprint 3, due Sept. 11 on Warner Music Group.

“D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)” was produced by No I.D. and Kanye West. This is only a teaser. A radio single called “Off That” featuring Drake will drop in July.

Hov officially killed Auto-Tune. Our respects to T-Pain.

Updated with CD quality

Jay-Z – “D.O.A. (Death of Auto-Tune)” [CDQ]

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  1. Mia



  2. Natasha Nunoofio

    much respect to HOV, i’ve been waiting a long time for this.HOVA all day, auto-tune is officially dead.hahaha


  3. rlf

    bring a blonde with a phatass who can sing a song. I know he isnt talkin bout bee


  4. UNE (305)

    LOL i respect HOV’s opinion and im a dedicated fan, but autotune aint goin anywhere…im sorry lol..its kinda of gonna b here for awhile, kind of like snap music.


  5. Dre



  6. Sn3aker_H0lic

    OMG!!! That was ridiculous! I can’t wait for the album. R.I.P. Auto-Tune…





  8. namdo

    Awesome song. Bring back Mixtape Weezy.


  9. ken

    shit is pure garbage


  10. uptown

    Waow….u know your a hater when everyone is biging up the track..and this ken homo say its trash…fuckin hater.


  11. ian

    It ain’t trash but it ain’t as hot as everyone’s claiming either. We’ll see if everyone’s as stoked about this track a month from now or if it’s gonna be the next “Blue Magic” or “Jockin’ Jay-Z.” Good lookin’ to Rap-Up on the CDQ though!


  12. goons

    its alright but this sounds like all his other songs…dnt see what the fuss is about and dnt see how it will kill the auto tune?????


  13. No 1- JAY Z

    Yet another HIT for the greatest!

    na na na na – na na na na – hey hey hey – GOODBYE


  14. Jack

    I don’t get why its about the death of autotune, kanye released an album purely based on it, then he produces this? Jackass..


  15. DJ Triumph

    sounds good but i agree autotune ain’t goin no way.


  16. UserQQQQ

    Auto-tune officially killed by Jay-Z? yeah right and the Wii will never make any money. The only thing you can say officially about Auto-Tune is that it hasn’t been anything less than annoying since the Zapp and Roger.


  17. prince

    Jay-z sucks not this track. he killed this but song that he did with loso is garbge loso killed jay-z period.


  18. bggjdfgbj

    This track is aight…. not fire !!
    Jockin’ Jay-Z was way better…


  19. dj naves

    auto tune is done


  20. Sexxy

    Kanye has NOTHING to do with the production of this song. It’s No I.D. alone and he sampled a yugoslaw/french dude from the 70′s. Won’t reveal the sample tho. Will be out there anyway on the sample forums in couple days I guess, I can’t be the only one to know it…


  21. Raoul Wilbertz

    not feelin this na na na hey hey singing. why is everybody using this song at the moment? Wale,k.debarge and now jay? autotune wise I think everyone except T-Pain should stop usin it.


  22. Jay

    I like this song.

    I will say I still like hearing auto-tune on SOME songs though. It just depends on what you do with it. Artist shouldn’t depend on it or use it just because they heard somebody else do it.

    And I think Kanye should still use it


  23. iZIK

    na na na na hey hey hey GOOD BYE!!!!



    Its jus happens to be the thing to do in some circles to hate on auto tunes..Auto tune is in now and the bottom line is the general public still accepts it. So as long as their is a demand, it aint goin nowhere. Dont believe it, go check the sound scan, LOL!..Come on, on some songs, the shit is hot, Jay cant front on that I bet you’ll catch him boppin his head to the shit. This song is luke warm, but his flow is tight as always. Im a biiiig Jay Z fan too, but Im expectin more out of him.



    Its funny to see these people saying who can and cant use auto tunes…Why is tpain, kanye, weezy special?..Did they invent the shit and trade marked it??


  26. Catie

    The song isn’t bad. The lyrics are impressive but besides that, the song isn’t anything special.


  27. res

    kanye made one album with it thats it his next will be without it
    now wayne and tpain are gonna keep using it
    song is hot
    its not for the soulja boy fans


  28. Bizz

    When you work with vocalist, you have to almost always use auto tune. Your favorite singers use the shit, its just that rappers turn the effect all the way up. So technically, it will never go anywhere. Studio albums wouldnt be studio albums without autotune.


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