New Music: 50 Cent f/ Ester Dean – ‘Hard Rock’

50 Cent and Ester Dean

Is 50 Cent going techno? Fif takes it from the ’hood to Ibiza with “Hard Rock” featuring singer-songwriter Ester Dean. We just got off the phone with Dean who said the Polow Da Don production is only a demo and was not intended for the rapper’s fourth album Before I Self Destruct.

“It’s not a demo for 50,” she tells “That’s a song I wrote for somebody else to sing…but I kinda want to sing it.”

50 Cent f/ Ester Dean – “Hard Rock”

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  1. Quilt

    oh my… what happened to this guy?


  2. Tremain Bell

    oh plz this is not even bad i like it i mean lil wayne did some prom queen shit some rock n roll shit n 50 do some techno shit wit (SOMEONE) n its da end of the world n i mean its not even on da CD n i wouldnt even care if it was or not cuz i like dis shit. plz ppl stop makin up reasons to hate 50. Goin from Rap To Rock n roll is bad. Not doin Rap n one techno song. n it was wit someone err one knows dis is not 50 song. AT LEAST HES NOT DOIN A WHOLE ABLUM OF ROCK LIKE LIL WAYNE.


  3. DJ Triumph

    it good.


  4. DJ Triumph

    somethin different you have to allow artsit to grow.


  5. DJ Triumph

    i mean artist.



    its good i like it maybe he can go back 2 style he had in the massacre! cuz lately his songs suck


  7. U_U

    This is wack.


  8. GooN_K6

    Tant qu’il y aura pas de Techno sur l’album à Fifty ça va.


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