Rihanna and Drake
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Drake Champions Rihanna’s New Music

Rihanna’s fans are not the only ones rooting for her. One of her most famous supporters, hip-hop star Drake, has heard his peer’s new music and is sharing his excitement over her fresh start exclusively with Rap-Up.com.

“Rihanna has a great album,” the 23-year-old rapper said after hearing the pop singer’s fourth effort Rated R. “She’s got great records that she’s using, she’s got great records that she’s not even using that she has for a later date. I’m excited for her. She deserves everything that she gets.”

Although he has nothing but positive things to say, Drizzy was surprised by the selection of “Russian Roulette” as the album’s first single. “It’s a cool little record. I don’t know if personally that’s the route I would’ve gone for a single choice,” he told Rap-Up.com. “I can only say that because I’ve been around and heard the music that she’s coming with other than that record.”

But he doesn’t fault her for the decision. “We all make personal choices. It’s like the same way I shot a certain type of video for ‘Best I Ever Had.’ Maybe that’s where she’s at emotionally right now,” he offered. “I think if I heard it in the mix with the other ones, I would probably find more appreciation for it as opposed to it being the only thing that people are hearing from her right now after so long.”

While the Stargate production he recorded with Rihanna didn’t make the final cut, he hopes it will eventually find a home. “We did do some great work together and hopefully it’ll find it’s place on some project one day. The record we have is great. It’s a special record, so for it not to make it, I know something had to click. It’s all good. I think the project’s gonna be great no matter what.”

According to Drake, his fashionable friend is ready to start anew after dealing with the intense media scrutiny of the past nine months. “There’s been so much media attention swirling around her, that in order for her to get back to the music, she couldn’t have any ties to any of the stuff that’s been going on. I think she just wants to start fresh.”

  • Vaun

    I Agree with him lol

  • AAWesome

    I totally AGREE! Rihanna is on FIYAH and I wouldn’t have chosen “Russian Roulette” as a first single either. It’s cool, as an album track, NOT a first single. However, like Drake said, maybe that’s where Rihanna is personally. I do LOVE “Wait Your Turn” and the video! That “Hard” song, WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW! BA-NA-NAS!!! Dream and Tricky are a PROBLEM and THEE ANSWER! I too say Rihanna’s “Rated R” is going to be a PROBLEM and I can’t wait for the 23rd. TEAM RIHANNA ALL DAMN DAY!!!

  • http://swaggerareus.com SwaggerAreUs

    I think Drake should tweak the song and maybe put it on his album like Trey Songz did “Successful”. Maybe Rihanna will do another “Reloaded” like re-release for this album as well. It’s become very popular nowadays. I hope to hear that track as well. Maybe Drake’ll leak it.

  • Baron

    So she has better records that didn’t make the cut? Hm. If it’s not too late to change the tracklisting, she should, seeing as how 4 out of 13 songs (Russian Roulette, Te Amo, Wait Your Turn, and Hard) have leaked, and the only good one is Hard, I’m not excited.

    I didn’t expect her to duplicate GGGB but the level of excitement should be the same, for sure. When I heard Umbrella, Shut Up & Drive, Don’t Stop the Music, and Breakin Dishes, I was pumped to hear the whole thing.

    • Who cares about what you think?
      Rihanna is not trying to do a GGGB again!
      She wants to do diferent! Not always the same crap that sells!
      Rihanna is moving on, she grew and her music too!

      UPTEMPO doesn’t means GOOD songs right?
      I think you can’t understand that!

  • me again

    Who care what Drake has to say.. NEXT

  • i care about what he has to say

    People will be in shock of the re-load of this album. It will be great, eat your heart out, there are more great things to come.

    • wtf

      @i care about what he has to say, really??? i thought the wait was over..must we wait again?? yeah, ok!!

      • hellno

        @wtf, dumbass…the person was referring to her album. let me explain it to you so you can wise up, the wait is over because now she speaks the truth about the incident that occurred that night.

  • 100% NIKEHEAD

    Yeah they will re-release the album with most likely one of the tracks with Drake and other songs, but i think so hard in my opinion will stay the best song on Rated R, even though i havent heard the whole album, i dont like ballads. Tricky Stewart & the Dream will always be the magic formula to a Rihanna banger. Im not a big fan of stargates work except for some of the songs hes done for Ne-yo and the other producers are no big names so i guess we will all be looking forward to the re-release. Theres only 4 other tracks that could possibly be good on Rated R and those are Mad House, Fire Bomb, Photographs, and G4L, which we all havent heard but we will have to see.

  • Giselle

    I’m not worried whether or not the material is good or not. Rihanna would not put out no BS music, she knows better. It seems like when an artist changes their styles people hate on that. It’s called GROWTH. She has grown into a new person. The girl can’t please everybody. No one can.

  • messyCHANTS

    I agree with Giselle

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  • Catie

    Did Drake really say that it’s been so long she released music? She re-released her last album in January of this year and had “Rehab” on the charts well into March.

    Anyways, i think people need to realize that artists make music choices and preferences on their state of mind and where they are personally. It makes complete sense that her music and style are darker considering what happened earlier this year.

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  • Mj

    Drake you make wonderful couple with Nicki not RIRi