D’Angelo Arrested for Soliciting Police Officer for Sex


R&B crooner D’Angelo has been absent from the spotlight for years, but he reappeared this weekend in police custody.

The Grammy winner, 36, was arrested Saturday around 2:30 a.m. after allegedly offering an undercover policewoman $40 for oral sex while driving through New York City’s West Village, according to the New York Post.

D’Angelo, born Michael Archer, spotted a woman he took to be a prostitute. He was arrested and charged with solicitation after asking the woman for sex, sources report. He had $12,000 stored in his Range Rover.

The arrest comes as he is recording his third studio album, the first since 2000′s platinum-selling Voodoo.

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  1. ThisIsMyLife

    What’s going on with these artist these days? They living the life many would love to have and they do some stupid stuff like this. I’m pretty sure he could’ve pulled something without trying to pay for it. [Time to get SMART people]


  2. LOL

    no its not pretty sure recession unless your offereiing LOL


  3. CC

    Damn, I just want some new D’Angelo music!!!!


  4. d.A.N

    and he is human, so many do why not him, WHY AND WHY NOT, this is his business


  5. UserQQQQ

    first off it’s D’Angelo really how hard could it be to get a chick to wax his pole? second off D’Angelo? really? i mean of all the R&B peeps D’Angelo. I mean you make be asking yourself who is D’Angelo? And the answer is the dude who went nude. this would be MUCH less embarrassing had it been Maxwell, or Ginuwine or someone else. Anyway much as I’m pulling for ya you did the deed. you got caught and that’s that. This isn’t like being gay and making out with another dude in the privacy of your own home. Prostitution is illegal. d.A.N. reminds me of those people who are already sending cries of ‘Free Lil Wayne’ throughout the internet. I mean come on. Rapper does the crime and he shouldn’t do the time? What kind of model is that?


  6. Jeffery J-Boe

    Now That Is Just Sad, Poor D’Angelo… This Man Use To Rule The R&B/Neo-Soul World… Now This, Come On D’Angelo Get Back On Your Grind, and Make That Real R&B Music Like You Used To… I Hope He Become As Success As Maxwell When He Comes Back.


  7. JDollar

    I feel bad for him. I will be praying for him. There is no one who is in a position to judge him.


  8. Harvey

    Oh well..I don’t look at him no different. He’s a guy. Whatever. Reminds me of the Tevin Campbell story though. Lol.


  9. Burmy

    He’ll get a “not guilty by reason of entrapment” I bet…that happens a lot during undercover operations…


  10. d angelo fan

    I bet when he heard them sirens, he was like his old song, Shit Damn Muthafucka, lol


  11. Aries

    He is human like teh rest of us. He is no different then the next dude but I am just saying You can find ANYBODY to do that caintcha’? I mean dayum.



    The man was only trying to to get his undercover freak on.That just life star or no star’


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