Bridget Kelly’s Tour Diary #2: Roc Star Fashion

Jay-Z and Bridget Kelly

In her second blog entry for, Bridget Kelly checks in before her show in Chicago earlier this week on the “Blueprint 3” tour. Jay-Z’s R&B discovery, who performs “Empire State of Mind” with him nightly, digs through her closet and shares her onstage ensemble and the fashionable accessories that complete her Roc star look.


Hey Guys! I’m getting ready for the show tonight in Chicago—it’s going to be awesome!! I’m picking out what to wear now, and wanted to give you an idea of what I’m working with. I have a bunch of different performance outfits that I like to switch up every night; my favorite pieces are the ones I can mix & match. For instance I’ll throw on shiny disco pants with a corset top, or a mini dress with thigh-high boots…then maybe pair the boots with the disco pants on another night. But I can’t forget the final touch: dressing these looks up with big accessories, like bangles, rings, or multiple long chains. Anything that will help me shine on stage completes the look! Time is running out—catch you later!

Bridget Kelly

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  1. foxy

    i throught that was ashanti with jay-z @ first lol


  2. The Young Kingz Daily 2.0 » Blog Archive » Bridget Kelly’s Tour Diary #2: Roc Star Fashion

    [...] Bridget Kelly’s second tour diary for RapUp, she talks her on-stage ensemble while on the BP3 [...]

  3. various

    I love her song “Stuck”, do you anyone have it?


  4. Jackeline Milagros Ortega Ibarra

    el contenido de esta E,mail es para e`s presar mis cordial agradecimiento a RAP Up tambien a sus dicretores por esta oputinidad de trabajo conyucal de unaas semana lo quieor mucho


    PS: Logged son uno genios tu amor y querido padre ,her, amigo etc….


  5. Jackeline Milagros Ortega Ibarra

    muy pronto pop estrella de el mundo y unica de jay.z jay.z …. gracias amoe por esta pgina exitos en chicago muakkkkkkkkkkkk.


  6. MsDiva2u

    Gotta know where she got the dress that she wore on snl< i have to have that! I have to!!!


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