Jay Sean’s ‘Freeze Time’ Promo Photos

Jay Sean

A dapper Jay Sean models the latest fall fashions in a new round of promo photos to support his second U.S. album Freeze Time, due November 2. The Englishman’s Nicki Minaj-assisted single “2012 (It Ain’t the End)” is currently in the top 25 on iTunes, while the video’s premiere has been postponed.

“We knew we had a rising superstar on our hands when we signed Jay Sean to Cash Money,” said Ronald “Slim” Williams, co-founder and co-CEO of Cash Money Records. “He’s already proven it with ‘Down,’ but I know Jay and he’s never one to rest on his laurels. The success of his debut album on Cash Money has only made him work harder this time around to ensure that he stays on top while still evolving as an artist.”

The album will feature a combination of pop, R&B, and dance music that showcases Jay’s varied musical interests.

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  1. WhatTheF

    I couldn’t stand him at first, but after seeing interviews and stuff, he’s a cool dude. I just wish he came out with a better single.


  2. Jessica

    I love him!! He’s the best! He’s so down to earth and talented. His photos are sooooo cute! Can’t wait til the new album is out!


  3. LOL

    onec a nerd always a NERD>


  4. ...



  5. Nadima xxx

    Awwwwwww I LOve his Picture’s he Luk beriii CUTE Lool cnt wait till whn 2012 cums out x


  6. true talent

    he’s a great guy and always so positive and on top of dat’ he makes great music what more can you ask for in an artist? Great guy.


  7. shreya

    im speechless! you are amaaaazziiiinnngggg! i lov uuuu!!!!


  8. Room 52638

    Yay @WhatTheF Said Something Nice. But Jay Is A Awesome Dude.


  9. Erika

    I think he’s hot, but I agree with WhatTheF. I’ve heard his old stuff on Youtube like “Ride It” and I think they’re much better than the shit he puts out with Cash Money.


  10. LShea

    To the one that mentioned nerds – nerds can be hot, too. [as pictured] I’m not really into him but he’s cute.


  11. nakia

    this is awsummmm…cant wait fr his album “Freeze Time”…2nd novembr cum fasttt…plizzz


  12. rik0n

    @l0l Havin brains with talent n hardwork doesn’t makes u a nerd….lol u mean d0cs r nerd…haha u r critical then…


  13. amigo

    trust me dude, wait for break ya back…..its the best song in last 20 years….period….##

    he is brain talent and feel good factor, all combined to one….i will say its a disaster is jay sean doesnt make it big…


  14. amigo

    jay sean with break ya back, he is going back to roots and depth, i think he did few feel good songs to make a fanbase in usa. break ya back is better than RIDE IT, which was one of his best song..


  15. Aima

    I love you jay!! xxxx <3


  16. La nena

    I love jay Sean I love all his music n him he is so cute (I love u jay Sean) :)


  17. watan singh

    he is rockin al over da world and i’m proud an indian(punjabi) is rockin al ova da world…al da best bro 4 ur upcomin album….


  18. I love jay sean

    No words can descibe how much I love him…


  19. mrs.akhdajaysean

    :D hes the fuckin shit! i love him with all my heart i have heard all his songs 100+ on my ipod sounds like crazi shit but hey ihts the truth :D ilysfm jay sean keep iht uhp iqnor the haters cuz they have no idea of what theyre talkin about xD <3 jay sean lover forever


  20. NaZzi

    Jay Sean! Where do I start! He’s the sexies best indian singer ever! He’s made a lot of people proud! Take the criticism & show these people dat doubt u wat ur made of! I personally tnk dat Jay seÀN is talented & amazing in every seNse of the word!! Love you like over too muCh lot!


  21. gaggaga



  22. moona

    lov u my heart jay ur da best singr everrrrrr and u will be 4evaa


  23. ilove jaysean

    i really really luv u jay!!!!


  24. ilove jaysean

    the cutest n the hottest man alive!!!!


  25. arrbriia



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