Drake Gets Dapper in VMA Promo


Drake joins the Rat Pack in a new promo for the 2010 MTV Video Music Awards, donning a strapping suit and fedora in this period piece. The clip, intended to highlight the Canadian rapper’s performance at the event, sees him dodging the paparazzi in black and white, making his way backstage as a bandstand coaxes him into the spotlight with a brassy rendition of his hit “Over.”

“I get to channel my inner Sinatra,” said Drake. “In the acting world, you gotta have reference points. I like to get into characters. … There’s a ’50s theme. They got it right, though. They got the set and the wardrobe. I feel like I’m here.”

The 27th annual show, set to air September 12 at 9 p.m., will also feature a performance by Drizzy, plus Kanye West, Justin Bieber, and B.o.B, and will be hosted by comedienne Chelsea Handler. Check below to see Drake’s classy commercial and additional pics from the shoot.

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  1. Weez.C Wayne

    This is just Terrible!


  2. Ok Ok



  3. kani k.


  4. cosmolitetz

    what a cornball


  5. Paolomalo



  6. Toolondeck

    homie drizzy…!


  7. trojan675

    horribel presentation lol
    i think my favorite RECENT hip hop ad was the jay z one last year
    it was for rap city(cidy?) idk
    it went through all of his album covers as a photo shoot
    i loved it lol


  8. Drizzy_MissMee

    Omgeee, sexy AF nooo lieee m m m. Whattta a mannn!


  9. listen

    those are the only four performers so far? what will be the incentive to watch the entire show?


  10. Ciara Fan

    Frank Sinatra was a self proclaimed satanist, why would you want to portray a satanist? Hmm…inquiring minds would like to know.


  11. alina

    Real man!Good photos!


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