New Music: Sean Garrett f/ J. Cole – ‘Feel Love’

Sean Garrett and J. Cole

Sean Garrett swaps out Drake for his new Roc Nation labelmate J. Cole on the sultry “Feel Love.” The new version of the guitar-laced jam, which also serves as the lead single off his U.S. debut album, has the singer-songwriter falling in love for the first time and wanting to tell everyone about his emotional state. Can you feel the love?

Sean Garrett f/ J. Cole – “Feel Love”

[Papa Smirf]

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  1. Myrical

    I think he should’ve kept Drake on the song for the album version.


  2. Moshood Barrow

    J. Cole my new fav. Artist of 2010
    & i cant lie i think ima like this one better den drizzy version. but i think Sean Garrett just dick riding tho cuz he was gonna be part of young $ but once massive attack was a fail he switch to the Roc so now instead keepign drizzy he want cole but fck it lol


  3. A Realist

    I kinda liked Drake’s verse more…


  4. Westminaj

    Drake win. J. Cole epic Fag fail


  5. mike

    are you deaf?

    j.cole is the illest.


  6. smh

    i dont think its worth discussing about lyrical skillz with a bitch named Westminaj.


  7. jnew

    lol what? @westminaj< < definition of a Hater. smh


  8. ColeBreeze

    luuuuv Drizzy…but i luv Cole more….Coles Vs >>>>>>>>>>>>> Drakes Vs….SG did rite switchin em….#thumbsup! ;)


  9. Lorin

    J. Cole is the truth.

    Sean Garrett is a broke ass Jamie Foxx/Dream hybrid.



  10. Nait Phoenix

    I still like this song, but I’m serious about the “used sample” thing. I actually liked it when Christina Milian used it in “Gonna Tell Everybody”, but I wish SG made his own melody/hook like he knows he can. I like J. Cole and/or Drake on it, but I think it makes sense to put more promo on a new artist instead of already boosting the morale of an already worldwide popular artist.


  11. yTunez

    yeahh prefer this version to drizzy feature.. nice one cole.. :)


  12. hiphop Police

    So I guess SG is not with Young Money no more. CTFU at him just ditching Drake off the single like that.

    “Lets make this chest move?” Wtf at that line J cole
    Im not really feeling dis song. Sean garrett as an artist is weak.


  13. herb

    LOL dude ur name cant b hiphop police if ur a retard…lets see j.cole and sean are labelmates now…drake version didnt clear because of clearance issuses…and its “lets make this a CHESS move”…because he said “beside every king is a badass queen”


  14. JC

    Yo Collar and i aint got a leash, clever nigga


  15. t

    man i cant pick;
    Drake & J.cole is both talented.
    They both killed it…
    they should just collide both of em together.


  16. Morgan

    Okay, well this is how I see it. Drake is my favorite ; but J. Cole is my second favorite. No favoritism but Drake should have stayed on this track. It just flows together better & his voice. What do you guys think ?


  17. Konspiracy 001

    Drizzy! J Cole looks bit like a muppet with them eye brows


  18. jordaan:)

    i think j. cole sounds better. konspiracy 001 we’re not looking at his appearance dumb brod. your just a hater, we all know j. cole deserves to be on this track sweetie.


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