New Music: Cee Lo Green f/ Lauren Bennett – ‘Love Gun’

Cee Lo Green

Melody Thornton shook up the Internet a couple months back with her country-fried “Love Gun,” but the song’s release may have jumped the gun. Cee Lo Green includes the track on his third solo album The Lady Killer, only with Paradiso Girls’ Lauren Bennett handling vocals instead of the former Pussycat Doll.

Almost entirely similar to Melody’s version, the newly cut tune, co-produced by Cee Lo and Salaam Remi, plays in a different key and features Lauren taking the first verse and Cee Lo on the second. Compare the two versions of the slinky track below.

Cee Lo and Lauren Bennett’s “Love Gun”

Melody Thornton’s “Love Gun”

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    Got to say Cee-lo’s and Lauren’s is a lot more tolerable to my ears than Melody’s version. Just my opinion. I actually heard this song on “Kick Ass” at the end (I believe.) Cool song.


  2. Thiago Ayres

    I like Melody’s version better! It suits her…
    I’m kinda tired of people spelling L-O-V-E all the time…


  3. AJ

    Gotta say, Melody’s is WAY better. A ton more flavor and attitude.


  4. Drew

    This is a terrible version of “Love Gun”. Melody Thornton’s version is my favorite version. Cee-Lo & Lauren’s version isn’t as strong as Melody’s vocals on the track.


  5. OIC

    Cee Lo’s version >>>

    It’s amazing what REAL singers who can actually SING can do to a record.


  6. jaydeeEm

    Yeah im going with Melody on this one, lauren’s is a lil lazy– i like Melodys quirky & different sound/tone, its more interesting


  7. @OllieOxon

    Melody killed it, Lauren I’m sorry but Melody has more power behind her voice; therefore, I like it better. I feel like Cee-lo took Melody off because she overpowered his voice #Justsayin


  8. MaZ

    Love Cee-lo Green! But Y’all have to admit that Melody killed the track!

    I vote Melody for this one!


  9. Dave

    YAY, Melody’s version >>>>>>>>


  10. ayototz

    no competition melodys version is way better and even sounds like the original


  11. I'm Me Honey

    I don’t like the new one. The way Melody’s voice sounds fits the version of the song she sung. I’ll pass on the new one…


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  13. ricardo bolelli

    WHAT R U SAYING?? Lauren KILLED the song. She’s SO awesome. Melody just screams on her version of the song. Sorry Melody, love you, but Lauren is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better


  14. mrmagoo

    Melody hands down… the flavor she adds to the track is undeniable…what was CeeLo thinking?


  15. Lebo(CaribbeanBoi)

    melody brings more out of the song ….


  16. Andrew

    Melody is much much better!


  17. Kafi

    Yep, Melody killed this track


  18. David John

    i think melody has one of those rare distinct recognizable voices. i really like her voice a lot but i never really liked this song.


  19. Christina

    The new version just sounds weak in comparison to Melody’s. Like I think the new one sounds good, but her version is just so much more in your face and has (as others have said) more flavor.


  20. Bob

    All of you are crazy. Paul Stanley’s version of Love Gun is the best.


  21. WS

    I like Lauren’s version better.


  22. Andylx

    I like both versions but i like Melody’s better. Her voice suits better and she has stronger vocals…


  23. ForC

    i think Melody and Cee-Lo should have did it together. their voices are both strong. it would have been better. THAT would have been a true duet…yes!!!


  24. LoVeGuN.67

    HANDS DOWN!! Lauren Bennett and Cee Lo Green. This song caught my ear in the ‘Date Night’ movie. PLUS in the Melody version, she mos def trying too hard for it to be a studio song. like’s she trying to out-do someone ((coughNICOLESCHERZINGERcough))


  25. Leonie

    This is from Date Night so it was released before Melody’s.


  26. Alexis

    Ok.. I’m going to say it.. Cee- Lo’s and Lauren’s track was the best!!! Seriously.. it sounded soooo much better than the one Melody did. Melody sounded like she was singing through her nose and it sounded like she was whining more than singing.. Hands down, no competition Lauren did the damn thang!!!


  27. nix

    lauren version is much better the vocals the beat melody sounds like one of the chip monks with a cold yelling the song out


  28. James

    Cee-lo wrote this song(with some help). His is the original. Furthermore, Lauren killed this with grit. Her voice has way more personality, as opposed to the nasal Christina Aguilera chipmunk wanna-be that is Melody. I know y’all probably heard the Melody version first, and you’re partial to it, but deal with the fact that the original version is better and trying half as hard.


  29. Lioness

    I have to give it to Lauren….aside for Mel’s OO..Lauren def brings more to the song…Mel sounds a mess to me.


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