Video: Diddy-Dirty Money f/ Swizz Beatz – ‘Ass on the Floor’

Diddy-Dirty Money

Let it snow! After being stranded in the desert in the video for “Coming Home,” Diddy and company get snowed in in the wintery video for “Ass on the Floor,” the Swizz Beatz-produced single from the group’s album Last Train to Paris. A fur-clad Dawn and Kalenna take the lead, getting more face time in the Colin Tilley-directed clip, which also stars a bundled-up Swizzy. Walk in their winter wonderland below.

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  1. Chris

    i feel so bad for dawn. diddy is slowly taking away any hance she has as a solo artist. and diddy JUST BECAUSE YOUR NAME IS ON SOMETHING DOESNT MEAN ITS GOING TO SELL.


  2. ponyo

    i would enjoy this song minus diddy and swizzbeatz…….p.s i will now longer support diddy of any of his artist…because if i do he will yank them from me….just after i feel in love





  4. andy0666

    I absolutely love them, the music’s fresh, the video’s quite artistic


  5. nathan

    This is such a hawt song and I’m glad I have a visual too it but I can’t help but hate diddy for for having dawn stand around and wave her hands around,the other chick kalenna I could care less about


  6. thadundun

    do these ladies do anything but just stand there and sing!?!?!?!?!?

    i know theirs gotta be more talent in there! kaleena worked with gaga pre-fame and dawn was in danity kane! #COMON!


  7. megan

    banging song! too bad diddy has to be all over EVERYTHING, like he usually is smh…


  8. Terry-Andre

    I don’t care what NOBODY says I love Diddy.
    He may not be the best business manager but he knows how to sale the hell out himself.

    I agree he does not have to be all over everybody stuff hoppin around as if he not bout to be 50 tomorrow but you can’t deny he looks good doing it.


  9. meme

    oMG i love ittttt. Dirty Money hasnt disappointed me yet. their image is on fukin point. styling, videos, music…erything is so cohesive and well put together. love it.


  10. meme

    i wanted dawn to smash more tho…i knew she was goin hard but the camera kept changin scenes. lol. that bitch can dance. i love her to bits


  11. honeybun

    the video made me love the song more…diddy wasnt too bad


  12. jeremydante

    great production on this track; the girls look great. i love the snow theme but dont think it’s very fitting of the actual song. good styling for the most part though.


  13. tiffany

    diddy did a good sing with those 2 chicks

    this album will be reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally good


  14. the truth

    i think its hard for ppl to look pass diddys past cornyness but this is bumpen, love it. and even tho he is a bad manerger i like kalena and dawn in this group


  15. Tyler G

    Regardless of what u think of diddy, u have to admit, he’s always had a good ear for music. Last Train To Paris is gonna be a smash, and to all the haters, GET OFF THE DAMN TRAIN!


  16. Nait Phoenix

    2:49 – 3:20 if you wanna skip Diddy. I like this song for real, and I tolerate Diddy’s rapping, but I’m really hear for Kaleena & Dawn and I can’t wait ’til they become a “solo” duo! That’ll be epic.


  17. VLB

    Why does this sound like two different songs? Ilike the beat and Swizz “Get your Ass On The Floor” Part


  18. Gary

    Diddy has no flow. Don’t ask why.


  19. chris

    btw this songs theme is all over the place. the song is named get your ass on the floor but they are talking about bad relationships…its not cohesive


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