Trey Songz’ Favorite Christmas Songs

Trey Songz

Trey Songz is going home for the holidays. After releasing his fourth album Passion, Pain & Pleasure and touring with Jay-Z and Usher, the R&B lothario will cap off a successful 2010 with his loved ones. And what will the soundtrack to his Christmas consist of? The “Bottoms Up” crooner shared his favorite seasonal songs with, including a classic he covered. Find out which three tunes put Trey in the Christmas spirit.

Boyz II Men & Brian McKnight – “Let It Snow”

Donny Hathaway – “This Christmas”

Mariah Carey – “All I Want for Christmas Is You”

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  1. totz

    sure boy


  2. Kay Tee

    He forgot to mention Love Letter Christmas remix. He adores it.


  3. rkelly the king

    Kay Tee – he hate R. Kelly how he said that?


  4. Tish

    When will he come out of the closet?


    Tish Reply:

    @Tish, there is no freaking closet for him to come out of. retard.


  5. ME

    @rkelly the king it was something called sarcasm. Everyone know they hate each other


  6. Phoenix_Wright

    those are every1′s favorite 1s lol

    Especially This Christmas and All I want for Christmas is You

    And Trey doesn’t hate R. Kelly, he just wasn’t into the type of music he was putting out at one time. DOK was so unnecessary smh


  7. aja smith

    aja smith like you


  8. mary

    chris bronw did better on the this christmas song


  9. mary

    chris brown did better on the this christmas song


  10. C.R.E.A.M

    Damn, people wanna hate on Trey because he knows how to make a woman feel, and he’s an honest dude. There has never been another R&B dude that was so comfortable in his lane…and you wack niggaz are scared to death…lol. Step ya manhood up and understand what real passion is and what women want. I hate when people hate on what they don’t understand… Yuuuup!!!


  11. JayRide

    @mary chris brown did NOT do better than DONNIE HATHAWAY and haterz hatin on trey stfu u just mad that u aint got what he got laDiez looks voice swag and MONEY so #StayMad!!!


  12. mary

    jayRide chris brown did do better


  13. Tara

    I Feel ya C.R.E.A.M


  14. SongzLover

    @c.r.e.a.m ur so right!!!!! i couldn’t have said it better myself. u must b one of the angels. yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! *in my trey voice*


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