New Music: Diggy Simmons – ‘Past, Presents, Future’ [Mixtape]

Past, Presents, Future

Diggy Simmons takes it back on his third mixtape Past, Presents, Future, hosted by DJ Premier. “#PastPresentsFuture is my take on 80’s/90’s classic hip hop tracks that include ‘rising to the top,’ ‘shook ones,’ and ‘dig is like,’” explained the young phenom, who raps over beats by Mobb Deep, Nas, A Tribe Called Quest, and more of hip-hop’s greats. Dig in the crates with Diggy below.

Download: Diggy Simmons – Past, Presents, Future

1. “DJ Premier Intro”
2. “Digg Is Like”
3. “Risin’ to the Top”
4. “DJ Premier (Break 2)”
5. “Shook Ones Pt. 3”
6. “Wake Up (Interlude 1)”
7. “DJ Premier (Break 3)”
8. “Electric Relaxation”
9. “Paid in Full”
10. “Elevator Music (Interlude 2)”
11. “Shut ‘Em Down”
12. “Cypher (Continued…)”
13. “DJ Premier Outro”

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  1. Alex

    that cover dope as hel as soon as you look at it before downloding you know what to expect


  2. Sydney

    This is a mess!


  3. bknyhustle

    yeaaaah that real hiphop shit ni99a…ny stand up i see ya diggy!we outch!


  4. I Am

    Hmm.. He needs a few more years. Its still sounding very amateuristic. And he needs to stop rapping about how much money he got, cuz bragging and boastin is good for 1 or 2 songs. It gets old, when thats all you rapping about. See, i like Mos Def. That man tells storeys. He’s not constantly bragging.


  5. @Monster Barb

    That was nice…eveybody stop hating


  6. Ificommentitmatters

    wow! now tell me this aint hip hop like this lil nigga spittin real shit wow! GREAT work digg go get em lil bro ha!


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  8. Fan Ov A Fan

    i’ve been a diggy fan since he was just a lil kid from runs house… now look at him. im so happy for him :’) he makes me proud and i will always be a royal fan


  9. Fan Ov A Fan

    btw the dj needs to get shot !!


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