Chris Brown Reacts to Grammy Loss

Chris Brown

Chris Brown is firing back at Grammy voters after his loss at Sunday’s ceremony. The singer, fresh off his “SNL” appearance, shared his thoughts upon losing in all three of his nominated categories at the 53rd annual show.

“To all the fans!! I love y’all. Don’t be upset!! This industry is based on politics and asskissing! My only concern is team breezy! F**k everybody else!” tweeted a heated Brown. “Im just happy to be able to make music!! #teambreezyrocks !!!”

In the Best Rap/Sung Collaboration category, Chris and Tyga’s “Deuces” lost to Jay-Z and Alicia Keys’ “Empire State of Mind,” while his third studio album Graffiti was beat out by Usher’s Raymond v. Raymond in Best Contemporary R&B Album. Breezy also took an L in Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals to Sade’s “Soldier of Love,” which edged out his duet with Tank “Take My Time.”

Was Chris robbed at the Grammys? Share your thoughts below.

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  1. Humberto

    I like Chris Brown but “Grafitti” is not half as good as “Exclusive” and Janelle should win for sure!


  2. TVA

    That tweet didn’t seem “heated” to me. Just encouraging words for all his avid fans who were probably blowing up his TL.


  3. lamont

    Yes, he was!!!


  4. juAn

    He has no reason to be upset. The songs/album he lost to were all very good. He wouldn’t have necessarily won even without the scandal. What he needs is someone to take his computer away because his immaturity is going to send his career backwards. He really needs to be more positive considering he’s just starting to regain his footing.


  5. Abby

    I honestly think a lot of artists were robbed at the Grammys not just Chris. Like what’s up with all that Lady antebellum?? Their ok but not that great. I def think Chris shoulda won!!! And the poor biebs he deserved a win lol.


  6. CARLA



  7. Please

    Chris Brown is such a whiner. Shouldn’t he be appreciative that he was even nominated after coming thisclose to losing his career? The more deserving songs and album won, IMO. Grow up Chris!


  8. tiffany

    i’m OK with him

    he didn’ t win because of rihana and jay z they are the evil!!
    “empire state of mine ” won but meeeeen this song exist for 2 years!!
    “deuces” had records

    only chris can do what he did on the charts
    “champion” become a great hit in europe,
    chris donb’t worry
    when we see people without talent like rihanna who sang last night and had sex on scene, you can tell dat you’re the best

    no one on this room of the staple center last night could do what chris did on snl


  9. Dara7979

    I personally think the majority of the Grammy’s was a total JOKE. Alot of people were cheated out of what they deserved. I mean come on…Arcadefire? Who the heck is that???? I always say I’m not going to watch the Grammy’s again..well last night put the icing on the cake…Was a total circus (lady gaga) especially !!! Most those people that won dont even come close to being the entertainer Chris Brown is…They dont even fit in his league so guess it’s best he wasnt there. Chris Brown is an amazing artist. Lada Gaga on the other hand…SMH!!!!


  10. Zaza

    He deserved to lose to Usher and Jay Z they were better, but the Sade joint I don’t know. Who chose the best new artist?


  11. asdf

    Chris GROW THE HELL UP! politics and asskissing?? Dude you lost because “Graffiti” sucked!! i choose usher’s album “Raymond v. Raymond ” any day happy usher won that grammy.. and “Deuces” was a great song but come on ..”Empire State of Mind” shits all over it! you fail chris you cant just congratulate your peers and keep them comments to yourself knowing that people are sill “iffy” with you just more neagtive press for you.. chris immaturity is still there if it is he wont get far


  12. ALeX

    I’m very sorry for him.He works HARD !
    But next year will be his Grammy’s 2012!
    F.A.M.E. #teambreezy


  13. @SuchAF_cknLADY

    Chris STFU you infantile ungrateful jerk. Clearly Empire State of Mind took a shit on your entire career lil boy. That song was huge. And obviously Usher’s album trolled over Graffiti I don’t even think people knew you had that album tbqfh I didn’t. Chris Brown is one of those people who don’t know when to say when his mouth will continue to keep him in trouble!!!! ZIP IT lil boy got damn FLOP.


  14. marissa

    yess.! chris brown deserves was his moment!!Fuck duh grammy’s


  15. NICK

    you folks say he doesn’t have an anger problem.This boy is a cocky ass hole, he should be in jail where he belongs maybe he would have came out a different person.What makes him thinks he is entitle to shit, when other artist loose they don’t act like him, what makes Chris so deserving.J


  16. Phoenix_Wright

    I think he is mad cause he lost to Jay-Z in one category(isn’t there some rumor about them having tension cause of the whole rihanna thing). His “only concern” is Team Breezy but when he got nominated he sure was hype -_-. If he won it would of been a different story so he can shut up. Deuces was big but Empire State of Mind was one of the biggest songs of the year so it’s expected man.


  17. MONK



  18. SandeePB

    I truly feel Chris Brown should of won at least one of those grammy’s, but at least he was nominated and that says a lot. He’s really an outstanding artist and he should keep his head up and keep putting out the best music he possibly can. I’m on his side. Many artists got robbed last night of a grammy. No worries. It’s all good :) Much continued success to you CB :)


  19. Vicki

    Chris needs to STFU. Deuces is a good song, but it does not compare to Empire State of Mind. Graffiti is his WORST album to date with only a few ‘just OK’ songs while Raymond V. Raymond has tons of great songs like OMG, There Goes My Baby, Lil Freak, Lay You Down, Guilty f/ T.I. and more.

    Plus Sade gave a great vocal performance in Soldier of Love. It’s so haunting.

    Chris has made some hits, but he has yet to make a song or album that is excellent.


  20. Diego

    chris brown is an ass now that these comments are out her needs to realize the Grammys are watching him and these Fuck you comments will be seen by them and they will say Fuck you next year…


  21. Somebody

    Lol… Breezy thinks it’s always gonna be him vs Hova… But if you look at it from a singles sales and radio airplay perspective, what song was higher at the charts and played more on the radio? Get over yourself… Lol. His songs were good but when compared to Sade, Hova. Sorry but sit yo ass down… DEUCES! Lol


  22. Trini

    I don’t feel like he was robbed at all! He should be honored to even be nominated! He’s good and all but he was not the BEST in the categories he was nominated.

    B.o.B. or C.B. or Eminem should’ve won Best Rap/Sung Collab — NOT Jay-Z & Alicia.

    Best R&B by Duo — Sade was CLEARLY the BEST. You should be ashamed for comparing that crap with Tank to this, Chris.

    And Usher DESERVED Best Contemp. R&B Album… it was the best compared to the rest (including Graffiti).

    The Grammy’s is not about politics & ass-kissing Chris. It is about QUALITY, not popularity vote. It is so immature of you to complain like this. It just shows you really haven’t grown up. LEARN like Kanye did and just keep your mouth shut. You make yourself look stupid time after time.


  23. Abby

    I agree with tiffany.


  24. Sally

    I do think he as well as Justin Bieber were cheated of awards but lashing out n such a form may not be the best approach while redeeming himself. I am a huge fan of his talents but he does have to know when to rise above things & stopping giving the haters more to grab onto


  25. Lisa

    And the winners all put out better material than he did. Kermit the Frog needs to sit his whining self down.


  26. Nick

    That graffiti ablym was real good an I thought dueces shoulda won..why everytime he tweet something people gotta but it on these blogs always trying to make him out to be the bad guy!!!when he tweet something positive u never hear about it!!The Grammy’s was a joke!!


  27. Mr Xclusive

    YES HE WAS ROBBED!!! fuck the damn media smfh and fuck all you people on here hating on chris!!!! he is one of the most talented artists alive!!! he deserved at least 1 award!!!!! some bullshit


  28. Mr Xclusive

    @juAn shut the hell up you fuck bag


    DEEN Reply:



  29. King Makers

    Dear Chris,
    Congratulations on your accomplishment @ the SNL
    & Thank you for the shout outs “Teambreezy 3x” we love you
    even more now that we see how humble & grateful you are to
    your fans enough to give a shout out on a national broadcast,
    They are all results of political campaigns & connections anyways
    we know you don’t give a F**K too;
    Your destiny is greater than mere gold trophies, we’d leave those
    to the two faced industry suck ups to chase after while we engrave
    your name in our history as the last surviving heir to the throne of
    entertainment that MJ left behind.
    A lot will undoubtedly be different by the time you return from
    your tour and gain more TV exposure
    TEAMBREEZY are still charged up to slay all those cheats this year!
    You just drop that CD and leave the rest to US, we take good care
    of business and We promise to SLAY behind you & in front & on the
    sides and any part of the forest those goons always emerge from.
    we also know those viruses that spam your pages will think this is their opportunity to gloat but as always you can trust us to take care of them.
    In the mean time, stay far away from the two faced snakes and
    rats of the music and media industry especially your kryptonite.
    Yours forever


  30. michelle

    he was robbed. he should of won. yea he competed against talented people but he has come a long way since his incident.


  31. Chelsey

    I love Chris but I don’t think he was cheated out of any of the categories. “Soldier of Love” and “Empire State of Mind” were amazing. I am kind of on the fence about the album category. Raymond vs. Raymond was neck and neck with Graffiti in my opinion.


  32. Arthur

    I like Chris Brown.


    GRAFFITI WAS A CRITICAL (and this is most important when it comes to Grammys), COMMERCIAL AND CHART FLOP.

    It should have never been nominated.

    The other albums he ran against were critical and commercial successes.


  33. Lisa

    No, Chris needs to delete his Twitter account because he always ends up disrespecting somebody or being ignorant. He didn’t deserve any awards and he’s lucky they even nominated him. Usher’s album wasn’t good either, still don’t know how he won. Fantasia or Janelle should’ve won.


  34. ALICIA



  35. tiffany

    “graffiti” represents something new in the music industry

    deuces is waaaaaaaaaaaay better than “empire state of mind” and the tyga’s and the kmac’s verse are epic

    flop don’t mean nothing!! the last lady gaga song is shit and fail, but radio want dat to become number 1, bep’s “dirty bit” is the worst song of 2011 and radio play it all day long, soooooooooooooo

    chris brown is the best


  36. #TeamBrezzy

    I think chris got robbed and others Im sorry but emprie state of mind was last year it was a good song,I think it should have been chris,tyga and kevin I would got mad to but he didnt dewell on it he said postive things. And forget jay z and who ever has a problem with chris brown he does it for us #TeamBrezzy and Drake should have one too in the best new artist i mean last year he was nominated for a song and it was off a mixtape he didnt even have a ablum out yet. He put alot of wrk in there too. The Grammy’s Was a joke!!!


  37. King Makers

    I agree with you 100% chris, its a joke nowadays and i am glad you knew this as well.
    As for all these haterz something like a virus fetching to spam you pages all the time, trust us to deal with them as usual
    you lead the way, and leave the rest to Teambreezy.


  38. Rihanna Baby

    @tiffany deuces better than Empire state of mind??

    Please don’t make me laugh.


  39. No ma'am

    He shouldn’t be mad. There were a lot of shocking wins last night that didn’t make any sense. Thinking about it, even Justin Bieber didn’t win. So, trust it has nothing to do with popularity, politics, or butt kissing.


  40. Temitope

    If not all d 3 awards he shld at least have won 1 = DEUCES. Chill out C.B the morrow awaits u
    the tweet message does not sound like He is heated up, he is just saying wot he felt needed 2 b said so dont get it twisted


  41. Boy Wonder

    Empire State of Mind was universal. Soccer moms was singing it. It was in Sex and the City for Gods Sakes! Get over yourself Team Breezy. Chris had the urban market on lock w/ Deuces but not the pop market. FACTS. Grammys go to songs that everybody white/black/asian sing and love. Calm da f*ck down.


  42. melodies

    I have to thank Chris for trying to help his fans calm down. We all tune in to see if he was going to win an award for his songs. Being that he clearly was blacklisted for two years. I thought that the Grammy’s were going to give awards to updated Music. Jayz, Usher,Eminem, these songs have already recieved awards. Chris is by far the best Entertainer in the business. He also tweet he wonder if all that he’s doing was worth it. I cried when I read that. I adore Chris and will always support his music. I was disgusted by the performance of Rihanna and Drake. I will never watch the Grammy’s again until Chris lights the stage again.


  43. toast

    if he is only concerned about the music…then why is he being a bitch and expressing his feelings on twitter?…btw…u werent even at the grammys dude…

    understand mr. brown that you good sir…F**KED UP BEYOND COMPARE…the fact that ur even this successful right now is not only a miracle…but i almost wanna say a reflection of the people and shows the level of where were at in ‘toleration’…prime example…ike turner…great musician…but he did what he did to tina…and now…he is dead…but he never really came back from that…

    another thing…the grammys are about REAL music…as most of you have seen…there were more people that u didnt know who won grammys than people who are top 10 charting artist…the academy is looking for the best of the best…and most of the people who win have a ginuwine musical talent…im not sayin chris dont have it…he did get nominated…but even he should have known who he was goin up against…usher will shit on him…jayz will DEF shit on him…and that last album failed beyond compare…he talks about the same shit…in fact…he has become even more dirty than he was when he came out…so really…he can just shut the hell up…


  44. King Makers

    Adressing all you Breezy page spamming BASTARDS i.e
    Question is, why did you type into your horror computers-C H R I S B R O W N? why really, why?! your comments dont have a head or a bottom, its something like a virus.


  45. King Makers

    Worst of it is that, some of you even start that hate speech with “i like chris brown”, fucking hilarious
    But i guess the matrix of hate and it campaign is still sophisticated & Teambreezy has a lot of bugs to smash.


  46. janet

    HEs a big oll dab BABY!!!! shut yo ass down> if he would have Won he would be totally different! HES CORNEY!!!!! AND PATHETIC!!!


  47. AMY

    this was not about winnning i hate when blogs try to get hits by loooking for drama he said this even before they anoused the winnners telling his fans to chill cus they where going off..u idiots that dont know this will just jump on the bandwagon n go off its ridiculous last time i checked none of u fools arent good..n his pockets are heavier that anyof u that stay on this blogs cyper bullying every damm time his name is mention u think riri cares she hates ppl talking about it her self like move the hell on u idiots


  48. GRRRR

    Mate, you have a long way to go.


  49. King Makers

    Who are you to say he should be mad? who are you to stop him tweeting?
    Grammy is similar to a political campaign result but never based on true values of its subjects.
    CB obviously hasnt featured on any major live streaming since 2009 except SNL hours b4 the Grammies nor has he done any promo of his songs until of recent. He hasnt infact had a chance to tour b4 this unlike the pile of them.
    I will take graffiti over Raymond Vs Raymond any day or are you people deaf? didn’t you listen to both albums, cos i bought the two just to compare.
    Jay z the (1 talent wonder)ex drug baron whose marriage to Beyonce & becoming chairman of a major label gives him an edge over others any day even if CB is far more talented than all of them collectively.
    Say whatever but you will all eat your words pretty soon. 22 March 2011


  50. jasmine

    fa real you bitchees putn my baby down is whack people make mistakes learnin from is the problem and if god gave him a second chance so should we chris deserved every grammy he was nominated for and has a right to be mad nobody is compared to him rite now so like chris said team breezy all day fukk everybody else


  51. King Makers



  52. rkelly the king



  53. JMystery



  54. Kyle

    I personally think Chris should keep his mouth shut. I don’t think he deserved to win any of the awards he was up for. He thinks “Deuces” should have won over “Empire State of Mind”? PLEASE!!! I am upset with Best Contemporary R&B Album because I think Janelle deserved that 100%. But if not her I think Usher should have taken it, which he did. This just goes to show that Chris is a soar loser.


  55. Tanisha

    Chris Brown album “Graffiti” was a hott album. People think that he should have won the award when he should have


  56. Tanisha

    I meant shouldnt have


  57. Neickha

    I wish Chris would Shut the hec up sometimes..
    Things are better left unsaid.


  58. andrea

    come on people. empire state of mine is old as hell. Usher’s album was awful. I agree he may not have won w/o all the negative publicity but he is still considered very controversial, at this ime. Entertainment is just that. The Grammys and all this tweeter shit, just wants people to keep talkin. I bet this dude doesnt give a damn about last night but I bet someone asked him specifically, if he felt cheated. If you ask any other artist that didnt win, I bet they feel cheated also. Entertainment ppl Entertainment


  59. Phoenix_Wright

    @King Makers
    Being NOMINATED alone is a BIG achievement.I have no further words, I will not be writing an essay for ur ass like u are doing for others.


  60. Speechless

    Why would he think he deserves a grammy when his album never even went gold?


  61. 4Real

    He’s been nominated what 8 times in his entire career? and never won. I can see the frustrations in seeing these new artists or lets say people that he’s more talented than win. Either way I don’t see the tweet as heated more along the lines premature.


  62. Lexx_Janay

    i thought chris was gonna for sure take a grammy home…but it doesnt matter because a grammy doesnt validate you who are as a musician! As long as #TeamBreezy and other fans apperciate your art then you’ll be okay!!!



  63. Kelly

    How about them anger management classes, you immature little punk! Takes notes from Justin Bieber and Drake, who handled their disappointment with class. Be grateful you even got nominated, you whining bitch.


  64. sugartarx

    I think he was robbed nd the grammy’s are a bunch of politics nd bullshit cuz alot of other artists got robbed too …but the tweet was probably not a good idea because if it is bout politics then he probably wont get a grammy next year cuz someone associated with the grammy’s saw ….


  65. OnlyBoy

    only hits he produced was on rihannas face! u deserve to loose you little whining douche! U dont deserve no awards after that! you keep messing up and you not even putting out your best work. All your songs sound the same. No growth WHATSOEVER!!! #teambrezzy can suck it, thats why rihanna performed. I want to jsut beat his ass for whining so much!!! and stop dancing like you have terets!


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    [...] Vocals to Sade’s “Soldier of Love,” which edged out his duet with Tank “Take My Time.” Rap-Up CHRIS BROWN - BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE (FEAT. BENNY BENASSI) (FINAL [...]

  67. ben

    the grammy awards is a big cheat check out, akon, tevin campbell etc cant win the grammy what is wrong? even tupac


  68. tiffany

    chris brown is a confirmed artist
    he’s here since 2005!! he works with the bests and more talented artists of out time
    without publicity, he was number 1 during 12 weeks!!!!!!!!

    jay z would never do dat
    deuces became a classic and chris brown didn’t need the grammys for dat

    dat’s how we reconise real artists, they fight and are at the top
    nobody will stop him


  69. Keesha

    I don’t think that Chris was mad or immature at all. Yes, he didn’t have to talk about a**kissing, but it’s not like what he said about the music industry isn’t true. It is really fake and superficial. Chris was really just telling his fans to not be disappointed or mad at the Grammys for him not winning. Chris will win his awards when he is supposed to and I think that was the point that Chris was trying to make when he said that he was just glad to be making music.


  70. .

    where do you see that he is mad?


  71. kiki

    Personally, Graffiti was not his best Exclusive really was good but he is young and has time to get himself back. At the end of the day currently we are merely humans and we live and learn from everything. I hope he comes harder in future projects.


  72. Adawg

    I’m 46 and I can appreciate Chris Brown’s music. I believe his scandal with Rihanna hurt his Grammy chances. I don’t know if Usher should have beaten out Chris, but Jay-z and Sade are the best at what they do. Chris Brown is a very talented artist in his own rights, but it is time to show a bit more maturity and humility. Michael Jordan didn’t always win, even though he was the best. He never complained when his team lost. Mr. Brown sometimes losing helps make you a better winner when you do win.


  73. who Gonna Check Me Boo

    CB just stfu and stop throwing shade…. Cb is his 
    own worst enemy!  


  74. sanu

    hey,mofos.why he woulnt be sad and angry,he works his ass off,totally commited to his work,but lost today,first get this- HE IS A HUMAN!!i bet if u guys put that much efforts in something n get turned down,u would be spittin fire right now.he like everybody else,hes young and has a long way to go!mark my words-he will sweep next years grammys!


  75. who Gonna Check Me Boo

    Y’all must be young and dumb… A real man don’t get mad 
    but accept his lost and do better!  No respectable adult cries
    like a beyotch just b/c they loose.  And Usher Cd was the Jam, 
    Sade was also, and jay-z song is a classic and anthem. 
    Cb should have been honored to be in the same category 
    because he lost to the greats!


  76. King Makers

    Anyone with a common sense up in here will acknowledge that Graffiti was better than any album in his category. Deuces was available for free on a mixtape b4 it stay on the billboards for 10 consecutive weeks despite his damped image.

    The word deuces is widely used even amongst artist nowadays and every humanbeing on earth can relate to that song personally however “empire state of mind is just a “New york song” its not London’s cup of tea what New york does, London does the same.

    He and his fans have a deep connection that transends this world and he is always welcome to share his thoughts anytime with his fans. What i dont understand is why, other fans stray down here to also give their thoughts, LIKE WHO ARE YOU SHARING THAT SHIT WITH? this post is about chris and his fans not about your favs.

    Who are you to ask him to be content with his nominations? did you even know why he got it, did you help him get it, did you support him when he got it, do you even have a name in his business? instead you kept wishing him gone, dead and all negativity under the sun so you are here to offer him advise now? FUCK ALL HIS NON & FAKE FANS ON THIS PAGE.

    Believe what ever, but your thoughts as far as we are concerned is BULLSHIT PURE CRAP. CB was snobbed just like the VMAs again and we are furious but CB feels our pain and has asked us to chill out so we will but that dont mean we still wouldnt smash some bugs that spam his pages with stupidity.


  77. boom

    he definitely should of won best rap/sung collab.. empire state of mind, seriously? which song got more spins between Deuces & Empire State Of Mind… i’ll wait..


  78. King Makers

    Exclusive is different, Graffiti is different. A real man doesnt pretend; he shares his emotions with his loved ones like CB & his fans; he isnt bitter or angry, he just wants to assure his fans that his career and focus isnt dependent of Grammies & he also, like his fans knows the gimmicks behind the scenes of show biz.

    I say thats deep, and i dont expect non-fans to understand the language we speak, i just wish you expressed you confussion and ingnorance elsewhere, NOT IN HERE. He is whining, he isnt mad, he isnt frustrated, he is immature, he isnt expecting too much, but he is human and has feeling that can be hurt after giving 100% talent and skills and he gets robbed the 3rd time.

    He is what, only 21 yrs right now, his career is still well ahead of him and the world hasnt see anuthing yet. You didnt help him get his second chance so who are you to offer advice on how he should behave? i mean really? YOU STFU and mind your own businesses, you lonely frustrated bastards


  79. King Makers

    hasnt seen anything*


  80. King Makers



  81. who Gonna Check Me Boo

    Well maybe if he behave like a grown man he could make a
    real comeback…. No matter what y’all say, he was not the best 
    and he look like a sore loser.   And empire state of mind got more spins , b/c it was #1 and deuces didn’t crack top 10, it only 
    made top ten on the r&b charts


  82. Raya

    DEUCES WAS # 1 DURIN 2 MONTH ….. just saying


  83. jb

    You should be careful just not get any more grammy non!!!


  84. Jojoluver23

    So many people got snubbed yesterday: Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, Drake, Katy Perry. I like Lady Antebellum, but even I thought they won too many times.


  85. get off breezy nuts

    let the mad breathe gosh! the world is so damn judgmental. he mad a mistake now everybody just hates him. fake ass fans.


  86. dude

    I haven’t looked at the Grammys in a couple of years and didn’t look at it last night, reason being, it’s nothing more than a popularity contest, that’s it. Some of the ones, shouldn’t have won and alot of the ones that didn’t, should have won. And as I can tell, that’s how it was last night. They shouldn’t have nominated him for three Grammys if they were not going to let him win at least one, if anything, Deuces should have gotten a Grammy. And @ who Gonna Check Me Boo, what the hell are you talking about and what are you smoking?! Deuces was No.1 for what, 10 weeks on the R&B charts,if you are going to hate, at least get your facts straight! I love it when haters try to hate and don’t know what the hell they are talking about, and you don’t, and Deuces got alot of spins, still getting alot of spins, but yet you keep looking the so called loser up, so what does that make you?


  87. tehe!

    he pisses to me hell off! guess what chris! other people deserved it too! even if he does deserve a grammy. so many other people do too. so many people would be gr8ful to just be nominated! if he had won he wouldn’t be talking about ass kissers n politics damn sore ass loser.


  88. tehe!

    y’all need to stop making excuses up for everytime he blows up!


  89. ymcm


    Um according to hitsdailydouble “empire state of mind” actually has more spins, more digital sales, and plus more ppl heard of “empire state of mind”…so now I’ll wait
    ….Thought so * crazy,bitter cb stans*


  90. Mr. Mann

    Damn. I love Breezy but this is kinda sad. I’m mad about the Lady Antabellum stuff too but still there is always next year. As said before, Graffiti was alright but compared to Exclusive, it wasn’t al that great. Getting nominated is good. Just wait till F.A.M.E. Chris. Stop making yourself sound severely immature bro.


  91. james

    I love Chris Brown and even I knew he wasn’t going to win anything once I saw who he was against during the nomination process. I personally thought it would be Usher, Sade and Eminem and Rihanna, but em didn’t do too good either (2/10). I think saying this was best left unsaid. There are ppl who were legitamately robbed (bieber, Drake, eminem in some cases). I think Chris needs to chill because he is making a comeback and he is just fueling fire for the ahting blogs to attack him and like it or not if he wants to be the “greatest” like he says he does than he needs the political music industry.


  92. james

    And to be honest with you the fact that he had the same nominations as bieber drake and rihanna, who had huge years, shows how much the grammys still respect him. He got more nominations than 2009 when he was Americas golden boy


  93. King Makers

    Its a popularity contest, not a talent contest so again, FUCK THE GRAMMIES & everyone here gloating,
    Empire state of mind was about New york…nothing that transends or connects to anyone. Jay Z is good a making senseless anthems and he has passed it onto RiRi even Beyonce now “video phone”. Deuces is a word that will forever mean something where ever part of the world anyone says it. COM’ON that should have been honored atleast. But its a popularity contest, Jay Z CEO deaf-jam while Usher’s mouth is stincking of the asses he has been kissing. In comparison, i guess you’d wanna say you enjoyed the overall performance at the Grammies over the 10 mins of CB @ the SNL? exactly, he is the best and undisputed entertainer. He choose to share his emotions with his fans and i think thats beautiful for the fans to always share his highs and lows but 2011 is still his year, and it only just began.


  94. Truth Teller

    For someone who professes to be a man who believes and reflects humility he’s doing a very poor job. I don’t dislike Chris Brown but I don’t have much respect for his elitist attitude and his gross entitlement issues .He’s talented but he’s nobody to emulate. I pray that he grows up and realizes that we are what we reflect. In our moments of anger or disappointment we reflect our truest selves, our character is unmasked and our words or actions depict who we are and what we believe. Chris Brown’s darkest hour has not yet taught him humility or grace.


  95. Tracie

    He wasn’t angry at all! He was just reassuring his fans that he’s not affected by so called ‘industry snubs’. LMAO at “Truth Teller” who gives a phuk what you think? LMAO


  96. Bethany

    Chris deserved an award this time he has really been successful in repairing his career as well as his reputation although he still has a lot more people in the world to prove himself too but I think Breezy’s music has just been getting a whole lot better and I wish nothing but the best for him.


  97. Dj10

    Usher had a better album it had hits grafitti went out of style in a week dueces was number 1 on the rnb billboard charts not the main 1 if he can get a song like forever or with you he will be a hit again but crap like look at me now or beautiful people are trash dude continues to cry that aint going to get him more fans he cant even sell out tours in australia he should be happy he got nominated


  98. Nick

    Sum people are so mad that he making a comeback!!! If u don’t like Chris brown don’t google him or comment on his post *damn* sum people are really starting to get on my nerves!! It’s his damn twitter he can say what he wants why everybody always gotta read his tweeds an then have something negative to say..get off his nuts damn


  99. Ci-Error Failed

    The only robbery was Chris Brown taking up a deserved artist’s spot in those three categories, what a joke.


  100. Nick

    I guess they wasn’t that good since they didn’t get that spot!!


  101. Jay

    CB should’ve at least won for Deuces. He still the best!


  102. someone

    @ tahel, no one his making excuses for him, we just know how he feels and I agree with @ Tracie, so he was not blowing off. It pisses me off when people are quick to jump to conclusions before reading between the lines. Justin Bieber was upset also, he did an interview later that he was upset he didn’t win also. I think he should have won, and Chris should have at least one for Deuces. The Grammys are more or less a popularity contest, it has been that way for a couple of years.


  103. maya

    Grammy’s don’t mean shit anymore anyway & he doesn’t sound heated, just reaching out 2 his fans. When a person fav artist doesn’t get a grammy the fans get upset, I got pissed when Em only won 2 & Drake didn’t get any.


  104. ally

    What chris said is true and while i dont think the tweet was needed i dont see the big deal,he tweeted it for his fans to calm them *shrug* not a big deal
    Chris could tweet the sky is purple and some people would find a problem with that too


  105. King Makers

    Empire state of mind is a New york song for Nwe yorkers while Deuces was for the entire world. It was available for free b4 it achieve the dispeakable level of success, 10 wks in a row! Grammy didnt have the shame to do the right thing. Its all politics and popularity contest. This msg was to his fans calming them down that nothing is spoiled lol. Since i bought Graffiti, i could play that Raymond Vs Raymond anymore cos it just sounds sub-standard. Now that his back, all these fakers are in trouble, “they’ve been trying, praying & hoping to keep him away” but he is back and very soon people will see how much they’ve been fooled.


  106. King Makers

    Deuces was available on a mixtape for free & all over Youtube, infact peaple already had it on their ipods b4 it went on to slay the charts all over the world and stayed on the billboards for 10 wks IN A ROW! i bet if the reverse were the case and he didnt have such a damped image & the song wasnt realease for free 1st, he would have stays for over 30 weeks on every chart. However, if Jay Z was the one with the damped image, Empire state of mind would have been a joke, a flop, would have made the top 50. Usher’s last album b4 Raymond Vs Raymond -”here i stand” Flopped without any damped image. It just means that CB has always been ahead, and will stay ahead no matter what you all say up in here. NO ARTIST COULD HAVE MADE THIS COMEBACK SO QUICK like he did, especially not Usher nor RiRi.


  107. CBE

    The Grammys were on some BS…. seriously. Empire State Of Mind was a song from 2009! 2010 was the songs year… not 2011!!! Chris got robbed…. but fuk awards…. we need good album sales!!


  108. romeo

    i guest the reason usher is big thing now is because chris got in shit with rhianna,even when jm was alive always shoosed chris over usher so to says that r s r was better is stupid because graffiti it was block,so am agree sometime he has to be becarful with his words because those haters just want to find sometime to says .to says look at me now is #4 in itune and yeah 3x was 5in uk know is #1 in newz also it doing very well in australia,canada,so what the fuck is your problem hater rhianna loves chris brown they what wen down that night not you not me so get a life.


  109. Abel Abe

    Chris Brown is the best! Fuck you all haters!


  110. Alicias certified homewrecka

    Omg there he go again whining like a bish


  111. Aw man!

    He is not doing such and he is not a bitch, learn how to spell before you hate. He was tweeting in response to his fans who was upset about the outcome of the Grammys, you are obviously not a fan, so he wasn’t talking to you. Kanye and other celebs do this all the time on their tweeter page and ain’t nothing said. You are just another hater that continues to ride CB’s dick no matter what.


  112. Stan

    He wasn’t robbed. He bragged about getting a nomination based on a mixtape song, dissed gay people on twitter which is 70% of grammy voters lol acourse he lost. He need to shut the hell up. If it want for the power of Clive Davis his label head, he wouldn’t of even gotten that. He need to be grateful. He has a team kissing ass pulling for him within the industry and he shyting on their hard work


  113. pms







  114. pms





  115. Dear god

    Could I just say that the Chris stans are all a bunch of delusional fucktards? Graffiti was a shit album, Deuces was a shit song, and so was Take My Time. Empire State of Mind was one of the biggest songs in the past year (even if it was 2009, it was still in the eligibility period), Sade dances circles around ANYONE who was in the R&B category, and even though Usher didn’t deserve his Grammy (should’ve gone to one of the most critically acclaimed albums of the year, Janelle’s The ArchAndroid) Raymond v. Raymond was still better than Graffiti. GET OVER YOURSELVES.


  116. King Makers

    @ hey bitch at the top, bet you are from New York right, cos Empire state of mind means absolutely fuckol to me but deuces does. Graffiti, is an amazing album, in fact thats the album that won me over. Raymond Vs Raymond was very sub-standard in my opinion.


  117. tiffany

    ahaha sueces is an anthem so shut up dear god

    and empire state of mind was realesed 2 years ago!! they are late
    deuces all time
    it’s a record song, no comercial, cool and epic

    and pms, jay z is nothing, he signs people like rihanna ahahaha with her goat voice, she cant do nothing!! poor girl!! she always do covers !! she’s NOTHING ahaha
    jay z and rihana are ASSKISSERS
    mmm it doesn’t smell good in the grammy right now…..


  118. tiffany


    kmac is an adorable and talented man , really nice, who produced good things to chris an he’s a good guy in the CBE
    and tyga kill all !(eminem for exemple) , he got a f*cking good flow
    and he’s only 21!!!and make 2010 music hystory with a mixtape!!!

    jay z!! nearly, you’ll retire, don’t worry chris brown will make you regrets while you’ll be in your chair, eating popcorm in front of tv and rihana next to you.. on a chair! poor!!!!!!
    dumbass dumbassss


  119. vladica07

    @Nick I totally agree with you1


  120. Really

    This cry baby should have glad just to just be nominated. Of course you were not going to win over Usher. And don’t even think about beating Sade. Not shocked to see he is still a punk.


  121. pms

    how many grammys does chris brown has??



    rihanna is ruling the world thnx to chris brown! :)


  122. Toney

    The album was a flop. Usher deserved it…he is getting more airplay, tv / video appearances and he is getting ready for this OMG tour, plus he got the most marketable kid riding with him now Bieber. Now I don’t know about Jay, but his rapping is getting too boring for me.


  123. Ray Snader

    Chris is a sore loser.he should lose gracefully,not via making comments like this.this is why i don’t watch any kind of rap or hip hop awards shows anymore.i don’t see rock or country artists that lose get all nasty about the fact they’ve lost.rap and hip hop artists seem to have a knack for it however./


  124. polovni brodovi

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