Lady Gaga Thanks Whitney Houston for Inspiring ‘Born This Way’

Lady Gaga and Whitney Houston

When Lady Gaga was writing her latest smash “Born This Way,” she looked to an unexpected source of inspiration. While accepting her award for Best Pop Vocal Album at Sunday’s Grammys, the pop diva revealed that Whitney Houston played an important role in the song’s development.

“I need to say thank you tonight to Whitney Houston,” explained a teary Gaga. “I wanted to thank Whitney because when I wrote ‘Born This Way,’ I imagined she was singing it because I wasn’t secure enough in myself to imagine I was a superstar. So Whitney I imagined you were singing ‘Born This Way’ when I wrote it. Thank you.”

Upon its digital release on Friday, “Born This Way” reached No. 1 on iTunes in every country in which it was released. The dance anthem is the lead single from Gaga’s third album of the same name, due May 23.

Are you surprised by Gaga’s revelation? Let us know.

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  1. love90210

    Imma need Gaga to elaborate more on this story cuz i can’t imagine Whitney singing it..


  2. J. Mcki

    @love90210 Right?! I was like wtf? Madonna? Yea. Whitney? No. And why is it that every time she gets an award she wants to break into tears? It was ok the first few times but now it’s getting stale.


  3. GodGa

    I’m a Gaga stan and I thought this was really weird & random. I could never imagine Whitney singing much less performing this song.

    Gaga, the only thing you have in common w/Whitney is that yall both like to hit the crack pipe. I’m just bein’ real….. *shrug*


  4. Sean

    She was trying to get the attention away from the fake she totally ripped off Madonna’s song and now her look. I used to be a GaGa fan but for someone that claims she’s this great artist and original I say bs. I’ll take the real Madonna over the fake one any day!


  5. Rap*


    I agree, her almost crying is blah.

    And this whitney thing is RANDOM.


  6. Craig Stanton

    It was nice of her to give some love to Whitney, who could use it at this point after all she’s gone through. Also nice to remind the world that once upon a time Whitney was considered a great singer.
    The funniest thing is these people calling Gaga “random” or “stale”. Commoners using tired cliches to attack a superstar—–Wow, that’s never happened before.


  7. carl

    Surprised but Whitney looks amazing in that pic and this weekend


  8. John

    Whitney is just fine- she looks amazing and was just at clive davis pre grammy party on Sat- her last cd sold 2.5mil copies, tour grossed $40mil and she is about to star in a movie this year so dhe is doing just fine.

    That pi up there is from SAt and trust Whitney looked like a movie star. The crack jokes r old now.


  9. TeamTM

    Liar !!!


  10. M!ke

    Lady GaGa was just real bizarre last night. But i def have to give her props for the WHINTEY shout out.


  11. esteban

    i think i hear “born this way-the whitney remix” coming soon


  12. AnkKA

    Cocaine is one hell of a drug… Gargoyle would know…


  13. Lisa

    Whitney doesn’t need GaGa’s sympathy and why exactly does Whitney need all the help she can get? Whitney has been fine for at least 3 or 4 years now and everyone still refers to her as the baddest vocalist ever. GaGa is the one that needs all the help she can get with her ugly face and high and almighty stank attitude.


  14. Lisa

    Whitney doesn’t like GaGa anyway and was probably about to relapse after seeing GaGa win that award for a song that contains the lyrics “rah-rah-rah.” GaGa has talent, but her music is not award worthy for anything but the Teen Choice Awards.


  15. jesse

    I think she is angry about people calling out her for blatantly copying Madonna. (The song and the perfomance) And I think she mentioned Whitney Houston because of bad blood between Houston and Madonna.

    People thought Madonna was cold and calculated, this Gaga is far worse – but no one calls her on it.


  16. kingley

    Whitney and Madonna doesn’t have any bad blood. They both respect each other. Whitney speaks fondly of madonna and likewise.

    Actually if u look at the beginning of BTW, the lyrics are similar to the video image of Whitney’s ‘greatest love of all’ video- peep the video and read gaga’s lyrics and watch whitney put on her makeup in front of her budoir mirror and her momma watching her.

    Took me a while but gaga may, may just be telling the truth.


  17. Tea

    I love her! Congrats, well deserved!!!!!!


  18. Marko

    I m glad she won. She deserved this award. Madonna is Pop Phenomenon! Period. But Whitney Houston is … Legend. Impact on music industry rnb and her status is huge, she demolished borders in music,her achievements and records are unbroken, plus she is The Voice. I think thats cool she did it, every female singer is finding inspiration in Whitney Houston.


  19. uknowme

    It’s obvious she throwing shade a Madonna


  20. jws3

    come on people…knowing wihtney like we know whitney.

    When someone texted her that Lady Gaga gave her a shout out (cuz Whit doesnt care about the Grammys) Whit turned and said,

    “Lady who? who is that white bitch?”


  21. Jojoluver23

    I’m not gonna lie. When I found out she said she thought of Whitney singing it I was like “WTH?” lol. Now I wanna hear what Whitney would sound like if she sang it….


  22. KOS-MOS-18

    maybe the old Whitney? not the new husky voiced one


  23. TDW

    I agree with the poster above, the crack pipe jokes are repetitive and old. Whitney is obviously in a good place now, and the woman survived a dark life many stars from Marylin Monroe to Michael Jackson weren’t able to survive. God has restored this woman. A woman who has and will continue to inspire other artists, including GaGa. Btw, Whitney looks great.


  24. muni

    I can’t wait for the new movie with Miss Houston. I just hope that there are some truly original soundtracks worthy of the oscar’s recognition.


  25. max

    it seems weird to me that exactly one year later whitney houston is dead.



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