Video: Keri Hilson and Bruno Mars Perform at NBA All-Star Pre-Game Show

Bruno Mars and Keri Hilson

Keri Hilson and Bruno Mars kicked off the NBA All-Star Pre-Game festivities outside of L.A.’s Staples Center on Sunday (Feb. 20). Miss Keri showed off her toned abs while performing her hits “Pretty Girl Rock” and “Knock You Down” on the outdoor stage, throwing in a plug for the East team at the end.

The Grammy-winning Bruno Mars seized his moment by singing a reworked version of his No. 1 hit “Just the Way You Are” and new single “The Lazy Song” as the crowd waved their hands in participation.

Keri Hilson Performs “Pretty Girl Rock” and “Knock You Down”

Bruno Mars Performs “The Lazy Song”

Bruno Mars Performs “Just the Way You Are”


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  1. Chris C.

    Does anyone else feel like when keri sings live her voice is really raspy and sounds like its struggling? or just me? like the first few notes are ok then as she continue her voice gets tired or something lol. anyways i hate the dj she always has his irritating ass.


  2. Dave

    No shade to Keri, but @Chris C. her vocals are always like that live. She never measure’s to her studio recordings at all. & nothing against “lite” singers with lite vocals, but hers always sounds weak. Not like soft/lite weak, but like you said “struggling” weak. Bruno’s performance was ok. I’m used to him being a bit better live.


  3. somebody w/sense

    Oh shut up. She sounds absolutely FINE. She’s wearing 6-inch heels and holding a mic and “working” on a live stage and you’re whining because she’s breathing. Singers today have to be freaking athletes. Her voice is materially THERE and fine. The rasp in her voice is actually human, sexy and very appealing. You’re totally lost.


    Chris C. Reply:

    @somebody w/sense, what i mean is..its like almost too raspy like she is sick. shes absolutely perfect if she is sitting and not moving those weak dance moves are not an excuse.


  4. TYLER

    @dave clearly you did not watch her sing aretha franklin’s think at vh1 divas


  5. meme

    keri hilson has one of the weakest live voices in the industry. She sounds pretty on the records but live she always songs like shes struggling. People give rihanna too much of a hard time when she sings circles arounds these hoes.



    ……Only Circles Rihanna Sings is when she Smokes……



  7. mindgames

    you haters can STAY THE FUCK MAD

    KERI >>>>>>>>>> u lame asses


  8. tae

    lmao at keri same three stans chile who is pressed? looks to me like no one cares lmao *goes back to an interesting post where there a more people*

    and great job bruno i came here for you can’t wait til your next project thought the last one left a little to desrie feel he could have brought it just a lil more


  9. LadyGaGaIsOurSavior

    ^^^ what 3 stans i see more than three. and rihanno who? I agree with whoever posted about keri vh1 divas performance. . I noticed how everyone avoided that one. She put your faves to shame with that aretha franklin tribut and rihanna could never.


  10. ***** lover

    nigga yall dont go hard and yalls need to geta life bich fluck


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