New Music: Lil Twist f/ Lil Wayne – ‘Love Affair’

Love Affair

Lil Twist flexes his singing chops on “Love Affair,” the first single from his Young Money debut featuring his big bro Lil Wayne. Originally released last year without Weezy, the final version sees the teen heartthrob crooning about not being able to keep his hands off his girl.

“I swear that I was done, I’m never going back/ Then she called me up, she said I left my hat/ You know I can’t live without my hat/ I got an excuse to double back y’all/ So you know I’m gonna have a ball,” sings the mohawk-sporting rapper through a digital filter, throwing it to his mentor for a verse about his player inclinations.

Is it love at first listen? Find out below.


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  1. Yeah




    I dont like it..and i love lil twist i think he’s so cute soory babe maybe next time


  3. Jessica

    Twist, wait till your balls drop then try again.


  4. Yeah

    cool, would’ve been better without the autotune and for an R&B singer, and without Lil Wayne


  5. Boomer Bledsoe

    This is really tight verse from Wayne..As for Lil Twist i give the Lil dude some props because this is actually not a bad song


  6. YES

    DOPE! his voice is cool…dont like it, dont listen.


  7. shady

    wait is this a dude? I feel sorry for him lol


  8. Antonio

    f**k the haters. this song is dope! i hate a hater lol


  9. Carlos Bonegro

    cant wait for his album to come out its gon be bigg!


  10. JHP

    Heard the original a while back, thought it was alright nothing special, his voice is mad annoying though, not that he can help it, Wayne’s verse was pretty good, can’t foresee this being a big hit though. So far it seems like Drake & Nicki are gonna be the only “REALLY Sucessful” members of YM


  11. Dillon_68

    This oddly reminds me of Usher’s Throwback, but not as good.


  12. bknyhustle

    cool.i can relax to it and wayne verse kinda makes it more potent.


    Boomer Bledsoe Reply:

    @bknyhustle, It really does


  13. Wow

    The song is not bad. It just hard for me to get into Lil Twist. His image turns me off and image does matter in the music world and life.


  14. Keisha.J



  15. Phoenix_Wright

    don’t like twist singing but other than that cool track


  16. @#@$%$

    not a bad song Lil twist should go lighter on the auto though, Lil wayne gave it that little hump it was missing.


  17. Micah

    Umm…I’m actually not a big fan of the song. I was expecting a lot more from Lil Twist…but he didn’t deliver. And Lil Wayne’s verse only helped A LITTLE. I guess I’m just not into the whole RAPPER turned SINGER thing..


  18. Boomer Bledsoe

    THIS song is fire..It’s something good for the african american community to have a young kid who’s not using profanity in every thing he raps/sings because he thinks that what will gain him respect.. Lil Twist is in the right lane..


  19. NINA

    twist went in on this song. this hard as fuck


  20. jahkia bledsoe

    ii love this song and ii love lil twist .. ii love you..ha ha ha laugh once in a while


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