Guess Who Impersonated Gene Simmons

Gene Simmons

Who rocked out as KISS frontman Gene Simmons in his new music video?

Nick Cannon

It’s Nick Cannon, who nailed his impression of the rock god in his “Famous” video. The comedian-rapper also dressed as Michael Jackson, Fred Astaire, MC Hammer, Antoine Dodson, and more in the parody clip, debuting next week. The club record features Akon and will appear on his forthcoming studio album.

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  1. KNUCK

    lol.. good luck Nick! Make your wife release some music ASAP. She can bring the babies along!


    KMart Reply:




  2. Yaser Lad

    Oh Lawd. This man – makes me itch!


  3. Dallas Champ

    I knew it was corny nick


  4. Larry

    Corny clown.


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