New Music: Tyga f/ Chris Brown – ‘Snapbacks Back’

Tyga and Chris Brown

Meek Mill and Rick Ross brought “Tupac Back,” Swizz Beatz claims honors for bringing “Reebok Back,” and now Tyga and Chris Brown proclaim “Snapbacks Back.” The trendy headwear gets its own anthem from the “Deuces” collaborators for Well Done 2, the sequel to Tyga’s DJ Drama-hosted mixtape. The Young Money MC brags about his swag and Breezy spits aggressive rhymes. “Lucky that my situation in this probation won’t even let me strap that to him,” he taunts.

Tyga f/ Chris Brown – “Snapbacks Back”


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  1. lola



  2. stef.

    GOOD JOB CHRIS LOL . I like this song.


  3. Misty

    actually veryyyy catchy n hot! Breezy actually sounds like a bonifide rapper lol


  4. melody

    This song is off the chain.


  5. Natalia

    Yeeah. I like it !:)


  6. Mia

    First time i love Chris rapping WOW


  7. lola



  8. Batman!

    Breezy murdered it. He’s getting good actually. May be he’s working on his rap skills in case ODD Future or Drake get at him. LOL


    drizzy Reply:

    @Batman!, LOL, Drake’s got rapping, but Breezy’s got singing. Odd Future is out the door, since they’re a duo. they chill, but can’t compare two to one.


  9. Ricardo

    Tyga is good but is in the shadow of lil Wayne. He needs to be his own boss like Wiz Khalifa.


    alexis Reply:

    @Ricardo, yesssssssssssssss , he is soo underrated and he’s so talented !


  10. ZANIA

    I actually like this song, its very catchy and yes Chris is getting better in Rapping.


  11. MissUndaStood

    ‘Gon ‘Head C.B.!!! :)


  12. Lexx_Janay

    ayyyeee this beat effin bangs! Tyga and Breezy did they thang on this track! this song will be in rotation!


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  14. blanco

    tyga is the only one i like from young money chris killed it


  15. maya

    Chris gf butt is flat like a pancake, wonder if he felt some type of way…

    anyway, the song is cool. Something cool 2 drive 2.


  16. BLAZE

    Chris started as a rapper when he was young thats his first love but he got more attention from his singing so he ran with it now that he’s grown he getting back into it I like it


  17. uthsn

    Lol remember why your on probation in the first place, Chris. FOR BEATING A WOMEN! Stop all the tuff talking -_- we don’t believe you.

    Studio thugs smfh.


    Fans of the devil are demons=> just saying# Reply:

    @uthsn, “we” you mean “haters”.

    Actually it takes a tough hearted guy to hold his career down like this.

    Yes, he lost his temper with RiRi=> love makes you do stupid things & we all know this.

    His MCing is so good that how could have made a big name as an MC if he chose that route.

    I’ve always thought that its harder to be a singer than to be an MC and i just think those MCs are paid for talking too much.

    But unlike nowadays, MCs had alot to say & they stood for something back in the days.

    I guess Chris has alot to say & trust me, those haters are forever listening.

    Rihanna would be silently proud of him & must wish she didn’t blow thing out of proportion like she did, now her own fans are in the way of her happiness.


  18. zora

    omgg the look soooo cute man ! i fuckin love them yoo <3


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