Jessie J Livens Up London Fashion Week

Jessie J

Jessie J expressed her bright and bubbly personality in a colorful ensemble at London Fashion Week. The British pop star rocked purple hair, patterned leggings featuring Betty Boop, and a cast on her foot as she grabbed a front row seat alongside model-actress Kelly Brook at the Giles show.

The “Domino” singer was forced to pull out of Katy Perry’s “California Dreams” tour in the U.S. because of her foot injury. “Having a cry about having to pull out of the @katyperry tour. I am as upset as my #heartbeats believe me. My foot is just not healing as well as I hoped,” she wrote.

Fellow Brit Ellie Goulding will fill in for her.

Kelly Brook and Jessie J Kelly Brook and Jessie J

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  1. andy

    I love how she’s chillin with her vitamin water in her hand lol


    Lisa Reply:

    @andy, it’s called advertising.


  2. roman

    uh oh, a colored wig. I wonder if lil kim is gonna start a beef.
    She’s been quiet lately.


    Rello Reply:

    @roman, Lmaooo .


    Slice Reply:

    @roman, LOL


  3. pookie

    nicki looks good!


    roman Reply:

    @pookie, lmaoo


  4. JAYE

    nicki calm down on the bleaching cream….

    but no, Jessie J looks good



    She looks good. I wonder when she gets the cast off?

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  6. latonya

    @roman lmao tht’d be so funny. there would be no coming back from that


  7. IAMME

    Nicki aka Sicki fans are Sooooo obsessed with Kim…have to bring her name to any post possible..PATHETIC!!!!


  8. lol

    wow, nicki is a superstar. she got a copycat lol


  9. Steve

    Lol Nicki Flow so quesy they started calling her Sicki. Regarless Jessie looks great, I wonder when she’s gonna lose the cast, it annoys me.


  10. iRene

    I know Jessie said she was obsessed with Nicki and that’s her favorite artist at the moment but this is kinda crazy. If you had been sitting behind her you’d probably mistake her for Nicki. I like the outfit though.


  11. Tel

    Jessie J been dressing like this for a while now…copycat? never she been doin her own thing from the jump.


  12. >

    i see you Jessie doing it like a dude…keep doing you.


  13. glodje

    every body check what’s in her hands = vitamine in water from fif


  14. kiki

    Kelly Brook looks well.


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