Melanie Fiona Performs on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

Melanie Fiona

Melanie Fiona reigned in purple during her appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Showing off her long legs in a short dress with sky-high yellow heels, the Grammy-winning songstress powered through her Rico Love-produced single “4 AM,” returning to perform “This Time,” the J. Cole-assisted cut off her sophomore album The MF Life, which drops March 20.

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  1. beegees

    Boring! Her music would sound so much better w brandy singing it!!!!!


    THE MALEZ Reply:

    @beegees, Stop tryna give Brandy whack ass some press!! MONICA: NEW LIFE (APRIL 10TH) and Melanie Fiona (THE MF LIFE)march 20th!! NO ONES CHECKING FOR BRAN


  2. PositivetyPLEASE

    Great Job Melanie! Too bad no one in the audience knew who you were… LOL (I’m assuming that’s why they were just standing there looking lost, because it DEFINITELY wasn’t because of your performance!!!)


    yourmindisdead Reply:

    @PositivetyPLEASE, your name is positivetyPLEASE but look at you comment #staydumb


    PositivetyPLEASE Reply:

    @yourmindisdead, LOL, was just stating the obvious… Like i said, Melanie did GREAT, her music just wasn’t relevant to that particular audience of middle aged white folk. Btw, you might want to proofread your comments, especially if you DARE to tell some one to “StayDumb” LOL


  3. Kyle

    Great performance! She really knows how to bring the song to life. I seriously can’t wait for her new album to drop!!!!


  4. Nate

    She killed it! This is how a live performance is done. With the live instrumentation and her incredible vocals, I’d say this sounds even better than the studio version.


  5. Brandon

    I really am start to like her alot…Terrell Johnson I MISS YOU


  6. Goldy kills S.E.K

    very sexy i love it


  7. Treyy



  8. Treyy

    Slayed. It. Like damn.


  9. GURL

    Good job love her…….Kinda Ashantish


    Nate Reply:

    @GURL, Take that back.


  10. Prada-G

    she killed that!! vocals slayyeedd


  11. Audrey Hepburn

    I so love Melanie! Very talented and classy. :)


  12. Hugh

    Awesome! One of the best female RnBers out right now


  13. Vaughn

    it would’ve sounded better if she sang it naked.. just sayin.. kanyeshrug


  14. Sachin

    I’d say its his best one so far. Not even taking away from the other good songs. Sounds like he got a style of his own, I need for some of them atirsts on the charts to take notice, ok?


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