Sneak Peek: Rita Ora f/ Tinie Tempah – ‘R.I.P.’

Rita Ora

All it takes is 30 seconds for us to know that Rita Ora is on the verge of superstardom. The Albanian singer, who is signed to Roc Nation, makes a fierce impression in the teaser for her Drake-penned single “R.I.P.” off her forthcoming debut.

The blonde bombshell lights up a grungy warehouse with her drop-dead gorgeous looks and one-of-a-kind swag, dancing on top of customized cars and flashing her diamond grill. Her British pal Tinie Tempah joins her in the Emil Nava-directed clip, which marks her first solo music video.

Get a first look below and if you crave more, go behind the scenes.

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  1. Cole World

    she looks beautiful!! I’ve been following her for a few years now and i’m just so happy she is finally achieving her dreams and getting the respect she deserves!


    @Lewis_Bennett Reply:

    @Cole World, ME too and I fucking love Emil Nava such a good director!


  2. China



  3. TheDreamer

    Looks amazing. This is a great callaboration.


  4. Josh(Xtinababy)

    Can she actually sing live I hope pple who are at Drake concert will answer this she is supporting Drake so hopefully someone records her we cant just give her props then later on we then find out that she is a an auto tune artist like the new bees the wannabes popstars the likes of katy p rihanna etc


  5. demmi

    @Josh(Xtinababy), you need to go to a few concerts both those artist can sing live. Rota has been singing as rig or Katy she should be good by now she had lots of practice.


  6. Candace

    We’ve seen this before. She looks like a clone of a mixed bag of pop stars. Im bored already.


  7. AmineHDmusik

    bored !!


  8. AmineHDmusik

    rap-up bring us some good musik !!


  9. dada

    rihanna clone.


    C1 Reply:

    @dada, Rihanna is Whack!


  10. EAT_CUNT

    looks & sounds like another rihanna to me


  11. Jj

    I’m sorry but this chick is a Rihanna 2.0 anyone who says otherwise must be in denial, cute chick but we’ve seen this over and over again, she needs to re evaluate what she wants to bring that’s different, not another version of what’s already out. It’s played and she’s getting boring quick


  12. paty

    I draw your attention to these early rihanna was like a two beyoncé to get noticed and rita uses the same method to make themselves known to adopt whatever rita is rihanna fashion style long before it’s just that it was not followed by the paparazzi to see that her look is that the case is now


  13. paty

    ho my god what do you fear you rihanna fans to invade message envious of this girl


  14. Jay Scorpio

    hmm so she launching her solo career but couldn’t find a strong enuff single without a feature??? #GIMMICKMUCH!!!


  15. jjjj

    well I do see how she can be related to rhianna, after watching that clip, but vocally not close , visually? yeah I can see that… her clothes, her swag it does scream rhianna was here,lol but hopefully she’ll find her place in the biz, good luck.


  16. Ramon

    FIERCE. Way to represent London. A lot of people compare her to Rihanna, but see….Rita Ora actually has a soulful voice which means she can sing live. I’ll def be copping the album.


  17. From Tokyo

    She’d look better with a different shade of blond. And I see nor hear nothing of Rihanna with her. Their voices are very different, as are their looks. I prefer her voice though this is the first time I’m hearing it.


  18. HeyMyBaby

    HER and RIHANNA Should do a Remix to this. It would AMAZING. RITA is going to be very successful


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