Lil Wayne Coaches Youth Basketball Game

Lil Wayne and Bow Wow

Lil Wayne took to the court to mentor seventh and eighth grade students at the Celebrity Court of Dreams charity game at the AmericanAirlines Arena in Miami over the weekend. The Young Money chief coached the YMCMB All Stars as they faced off against the South Beach AllStars amateur athletic union team.

Halfway through the game, he switched sides and joined the kids on their team. Bow Wow even showed up and helped lead the South Beach All Stars to a one-point win over YMCMB.

“Whatever dream you have, don’t quit,” Coach Carter told his young fans. “Don’t let anyone try and stop you.”

Lil Wayne

Bow Wow and Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne

[Miami New Times]

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  1. KeepItReal

    he’s soooo UGLY


    HEY RAP-UP Reply:




  2. briann

    nice work weezy


  3. Leslie T

    He is by far the Best Rapper Ever……fuck Tupac and Jay-z


    Queens Reply:

    @Leslie T, what is you crazy


  4. Matthew Fridrich

    @ Leslie T

    gtfo outta here. I love Lil Wayne, but he’s not even a rap legend yet. Eminem, Jay-Z, 2pac, Nas and Biggie are by far better rappers and all legends. Lil Wayne will never be named over those artists in a any list of greatest rappers of all time. Eminem, Jay-Z, Tupac and Biggie are on the Rolling Stone and Vh1 greatest artists of all time list. Lil Wayne is no where to be found.


    John Doe Reply:

    @Matthew Fridrich, oh, the same list flavor flav is on right. yeah!and you DO know that those are just other peoples opinions, nothing about them makes them even remotely special.


  5. Huh

    @ Matthew Fridrich

    Back in the early 90′s Lebron James and Kobe Bryant weren’t on any greatest basketball players of all time list either. Time doesn’t just arbitrarily stop and the history books close forever. Lil Wayne is the defining rapper of his generation, he’ll have his place in history with all the rest.


    Edd Reply:

    @Huh, your point makes no sense as Lil Wayne has been on the map for more than ten years and only really got worldwide recognition in 2008 whilst Jay-Z and Eminem because sensations from their first albums and were highly credited by official reviews and fans. Also back in the early 90′s Lebron and Kobe were not even playing big league so you sound silly for the point its the same like saying Weezy wasn’t big cause he hadn’t been signed when the fact is he has been in the game for a long time and is now shining


    Baller Reply:

    @Edd, Word


    My Name U Dont need 2 kno dat Reply:

    @Edd, All of waynes albums have been top five anda all of them are Gold and Platinum


  6. TASHA

    Its really sad how you people are talking sh$t about other rappers instead of saying its nice to see a rapper inspire our youth. If all rappers did this we might not be losing our brothers to violence and prison. Kay Z is my fab rapper, but Wayne been rapping just as long as Jay. He started @ 11yrs old and I do think he has crossed over to one of our greatest. He might not have the status Jay Z has, but even Jay has praised Lil Wayne. Just try to look @ the positive instead of using a youth basketball game to down the same rappers all kids look up to.


  7. relly

    He looks gross. Bow Wow looks handsome.

    Great work they’re doing with youth


  8. OVOXO

    Wayne doing his thing and he seems to enjoy it !


  9. TheDreamer

    Good for them for helping out.


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