Mariah Carey to Perform at NFL Kickoff

Mariah Carey

The NFL has called on the diva of all divas to help celebrate its 93rd season. Mariah Carey will provide the entertainment at the kickoff concert next month.

Before the Dallas Cowboys take on the New York Giants in the main event, the pop diva will grace the stage during the pre-game show on September 5 at 7:30 p.m. EST on NBC and NFL Network.

Mariah will deliver her new single “Triumphant (Get ‘Em)” on a specially-constructed stage in front of 30 Rockefeller Center in New York City. No Doubt will also perform their single “Settle Down” off the band’s upcoming album Push and Shove, due September 25.

Two days later, the “American Idol” judge will be honored as a BMI Icon at the BMI Urban Awards in Beverly Hills. Fantasia, Brandy, Future, T-Pain, and more are expected to attend.

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  1. Oonthada

    The Queen.


    missySOpretty Reply:

    @Oonthada, Minajrules2012 finna shut this post down! #WERK


  2. bm.kk

    YAs the Queen.


  3. Mya

    Oh goodness this shall be boring.


  4. Jake

    Yeahhhhh…ok. I’ll just be watching when the ‘Boys & the G-Men take the field.


  5. Bye Carey



  6. mariah2013

    Yeah, she coming back!! #


  7. edward

    OK Mariah Carey Bring Your all like back in the day if your not a fan get your lame self off the page its really getten old


  8. 2bad2bme

    thanks for the heads up so i get to buy my ear plugs a head of time lol


  9. Young Pereezy YMCMB-MMG

    This B**ch, can’t perform anymore… She’s Broken Musically


  10. Antonio

    If she performs her up beat songs then i’ll watch,i like her music but if its the Kick offs then its gotta be fun to watch. Cant be any boring music.


    Jayla Reply:

    @Antonio, Don’t watch at all, You won’t be missed


  11. AJ

    She is so soft and cunt. I live.


  12. Joyams

    it’s gonna be a hot ass mess. Mark my words.


  13. TheDreamer

    Hopefully she practices. Her vocals have been a little off these past few years.


    mariah2012 Reply:

    @TheDreamer, im sorry, have you not seen her most recent performances?! she smashed it this year


    TheDreamer Reply:

    @mariah2012, I seen her. She was way better, but I need her to keep this up. I just don’t want her to embarass herself.


    J to the B down to the aaa(Liyah) Reply:

    @TheDreamer, True That


  14. J to the B down to the aaa(Liyah)

    Mariah Carey Cannon Will do a better peroformance this year for next Month Can’t wait :)


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