New Music: Kreayshawn f/ Kid Cudi – ‘Like It or Love It’

Kreayshawn and Kid Cudi

Kreayshawn rocks out with Kid Cudi on “Like It or Love It,” one of the collaborations off her debut album Somethin ‘Bout Kreay, due Tuesday.

The WZRD frontman plays guitar riffs on the punk-influenced record. “It came together really organically, just how punk music does come together in a whatever, f**k it type of mood, and it ended up becoming something really cool,” said Kreay, whose mother was in an underground punk band.

In addition to Cudi, the album features the 2 Chainz-assisted “Breakfast (Syrup),” with contributions from Chippy Nonstop, V-Nasty, Sissy Nobby, Jean Baptiste, and Diplo.


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  1. VMili

    she’s almost released the full album now with all the songs she released so far


  2. Marcus85

    Somebody stick a fork in this bitch.


    Nick Reply:

    @Marcus85, we get it. you don’t like her. now move on with your life.


    XXXX Reply:

    @Nick, Wow seems like you don’t have a life either LOL! Smart and intelligent people don’t listen to KREAYSHAWN LMFAO! THIS IS A FACT.


    tee Reply:

    @XXXX, a fact that your ass made up i dont like kreayshawn either but i dont hate..


  3. James

    Kid cudi is tha reason this song is good.. Kreayshawn just sounds like a white who is still learning how to rap then a white girl who did it for years. Good music album will outsell kreayshawn cuz they got more mainstream buzz it’s tha truth


  4. Mb92

    kreayshawn’s not a good rapper but i actually like her music, its cute



    I actually like this.


  6. Replay

    Wtf is this and why the fuck a untalened moron like her can get a kid cudi feature seriously what is happening with music…


  7. Dreamteam

    Were not Haters your music just sucks theres a difference Kreayshawn smh


  8. Jay

    This is different. Never really listened to Kreayshawn before. Kinda like it. I love the hook! To me, the hook and Cudi saved it. Cudi is always killin! I love No One Believes Me and the video is INSANE! :)


  9. roman

    i feel kinda bad, Breakfast, Go hard, Summertime,Twerkin and Now Like it or Love it…shes realesed half the album and none of them have come close to gucci gucci… sucks


  10. Axam

    These two weirdos deserve one another.


  11. andres

    ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! if she sells more than 1,000 copies i will be really surprised! thisi s a joke!!


  12. KayeV

    what the hell , is this a song , is this huh ?
    if music itself could sue people , this chick would be broke . she needs to stop and Rap Up yall need to quit promoting hello kitty rap wannabes like this


  13. Nahjee

    Ugh… Kreayshawn you just can’t seem to go back to tha old U when you drop Gucci Gucci I remeber those dayz. Now you is a Katy perry reject smh. Good luck with you’er first week sales you’er gonna need it :(


  14. You don't know my up Man Orange

    I like this and it’s Dope


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