New Music: Machine Gun Kelly f/ DMX – ‘D3mons’

DMX and Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly goes to the dark side with his idol DMX on their second collaboration, “D3mons,” off his Bad Boy debut Lace Up, in stores Tuesday.

“It’s very, very dark. It’s very, very DMX and MGK’ish,” the Cleveland MC told Rap-Up TV of the Dame Grease-produced song. “Obviously I have the ‘Wild Boy’ side, I have the inspirational side, but I also have the very dark side.”

The eery record, which samples the Gladiator soundtrack, was recorded in a dark room. “When [DMX] was rapping, he was punching the air,” said MGK, who wrote his verse while recuperating from “a wild couple months with a certain drug.”

“My mind was talking to myself and I wrote the verse and it turned out to be a really creepy song,” he said.

Just yesterday, MGK shared a video from his Lace Up Documentary of him meeting X for the first time. They previously collaborated on “I Don’t Dance” off DMX’s album Undisputed.

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  1. youMAD?stayMAD!



    ReMix Reply:

    @youMAD?stayMAD!, except for you! that’s why you were the first to leave a comment.


    miles Reply:

    @ReMix, I hate when people say “You obviously care cuz you left a comment”. No, that don’t mean s***


    Brian Reply:

    @miles, sure you f.cking idiot why you write if you don’t care about him?


    90210 Reply:

    @Brian, Maybe to piss people off. Maybe because some people like to see how people react. Maybe thats funny to some people. Maybe some people simply just wish to share their opinion about the post. Or maybe they are warning others about the song that probally sucks. Who knows, because either way no one cares


    tgod Reply:

    @90210, ur dumb too

  2. @cbDani

    shit is fire!!!!


    tgod Reply:

    @@cbDani, I luv it


  3. Buzzzzz

    I like MGK, hope he makes it big, he deserves it!


  4. Brian

    really dope song!


  5. WestKos

    DMX’s last album is called “Undisputed” NOT “Underrated”


  6. Ice

    You know what, this is actually dope.


    tgod Reply:

    @Ice, u dont have to say u know what. If its dope its dope


  7. chep

    the beat is dope shit!!!!!!!


  8. Dmx

    Mgk is good but I feel he tries too hard.

    “i fuck her pussy till its bloody” he’s so skinny I can’t see him destroying any pussy.




  9. R to the Diamonds star down to the C way

    it ok


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