Missy Elliott Debates New Album Title

Missy Elliott

On the 15th anniversary of her debut Supa Dupa Fly, Missy Elliott sat down with Fuse to reminisce about her groundbreaking album and the iconic video for “The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly).”

“Everything about it. You hadn’t heard it before,” said Missy of the 1997 project, which took two weeks to record. “Even the rap flows was different. I think it was 10 years ahead, 15 years ahead [of its time].”

Looking back, she’s proud of her work. “I’m probably more in awe with it now than I was then.”

She dropped her two new singles “9th Inning” and “Triple Threat” last month, but she has yet to decide on a title for her seventh album. While she was choosing between Block Party and Class Dismissed, one fan suggested a third title, Class in Session.

“Somebody said Class Dismissed sounds like class is over. Class in Session sounds like you’re taking people to school. I gotta figure it out,” she said.

During a Ustream session, she revealed that she has a “fun, party record” featuring Lil’ Kim and Eve. When asked if the album will contain a 2012 version of “Not Tonight (Ladies Night Remix),” she responded, “Great possibility.”

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  1. cOmeATMEbRO

    I love Missy and all the other “old school” female rappers, but in my opinion, I really don’t think there should EVER be a “Ladies Night. PT 2″ because that song is such a 90′s “classic”.

    I would love to see another song with the older female rappers (Missy, Kim, Eve, Latifah, Hill, Salt N Pepa, Brat, etc).. But most of the female “rappers” in this generation don’t even get along.


    key Reply:

    @cOmeATMEbRO, wrong, female mc at that time get along, except foxy brown at that time who diss all the female rap in OH YEAH9(saying i respect rap game but i dont fuck with rap bitches),as nicki today diss all the female rap


    cOmeATMEbRO Reply:

    @key, I see somebody can’t read… I said nothing about “old school” female rappers not getting along. I said THIS generation (Iggy, Azealia, Nicki, Lola, etc)…

    Read before you speak.


    Opd2 Reply:

    @cOmeATMEbRO,Most of them wasn’t getting along back in the day either,only person in you,er list up there wasn’t beefing with anyone was Missy,so you making it seems like only the new school was beefing isn’t true.


    cOmeATMEbRO Reply:

    @Opd2, The only “female” beef back then was Kim and Foxy Brown, and not to mention Queen Latifah and Foxy Brown.

    The female rappers back then didn’t beef as much as the female rappers now. No matter if you like it or not. IT’S THE TRUTH.

    Almost 98% of the female rappers today don’t fu*k with each other.


  2. JussSaying

    AND aaaaaaaaall you hating itches will deal when Missy get Nicki and Kim on a record!

    Females over here fussing bout each other when plenty dudes getting money!


    LMFAO_Hoe Reply:

    @JussSaying, honestly that would be great, if they do include Nicki. It would end their beef and together they can UNITE and overthrown the male rappers.


    #teamminaj Reply:

    @LMFAO_Hoe, yes it really would be great if they could but if they dont thats cool to i like missy, she is really chill!


  3. OMG

    Wouldnt it be cool if Missy wrote Nickis verse and Nicki wrote Missys verse and they rapped like each other? They both have dope styles and that would be a first!


    RDK Reply:

    @OMG, Co-Sign.


    Tiger Reply:

    @OMG, I really feel Nicki would be the party that denied a collaboration w/the other ladies. Nothing against Nicki but I can’t see Nicki giving a female room to possibly outshine her. Nicki does think she’s bigger than life right about now. Popularity wise she is but not musically. And Nicki knows this. Her music hasn’t been getting the greatest reviews lately. Plus I believe mature ppl are anticipating change in female rap. A new sound. Hopefully one of these ladies can bring it.


    Roman Reloaded Reply:

    @Tiger, Her song “The Boys” got really positive reviews. So did Va Va Voom , Beez In The Trap, Champion, Right By My Side, Roman Holiday, I Am Your Leader, Roman Reloaded and Young Forever recieved positive reviews from music critics.


    Keeping It Real Reply:

    @Roman Reloaded, Those songs suck though what are u talking about? The Boys is horrible so whoever gave it positive reviews is an idiot.


    OMG Reply:

    @Keeping It Real,

    I totally agree.. NOT hating on nicki.. I like her alot! But They Boys is pop aimed at the little white gay boys and girls…
    I just cant relate to it. At the end of the day the proof is in the pudding.. only Right By My Side and Beez In The Trap.. made some sort of noise.. the other songs kinda faded into the noise.


  4. joey

    love this bitch


  5. Kyle

    She just needs to focus on the album and the material and then the title will come to her after. I just hope she releases it soon!


  6. E53

    Her eyes are scarcely,crossed I swear!


  7. R to the Sunnie dimondz C

    great interview


  8. Dultarian Fog

    hw bout giving th albums title CLASSIC DISMISS, meaning for al th haters have b3n dismiss and thts sh doesnt siple care about thre feelings… i love missy elliott so much… i stil hav her album SUPA DUPA FLY AND THE OTHERS.


  9. trealzer

    she is on her game and we r ready for her up cumming club anthums


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