New Music: Johntá Austin – ‘Love’ [EP]


Johntá Austin spreads a little Love this Christmas with his first of three EPs. The So So Def singer-songwriter, who has penned hits for Mariah Carey and Mary J. Blige, serves up seven smooth tracks perfect for the winter months ahead. Come and get some lovin’.

Download – Johntá Austin – Love

Love Tracklisting

1. “Good Forever”
2. “What a Feeling”
3. “No Girl Is You”
4. “Miss Your Love”
5. “Pain”
6. “The Realest Love I Knew”
7. “In Love”

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  1. Mariah2013

    ahh i might download :)


  2. Hate Nicki

    is this any good?


  3. josh

    the download link gave my computer virus rap-up need to take that shit down !!


    solo Reply:

    @josh, works perfectly fine for me. get a mac. PCs are garbage.


    Cranberry Reply:

    @solo, what kind of misinformation…


  4. Rasan8250

    About damn time Johnta. Been waiting years for this!!!!


  5. Max

    Yeah! I’ve been waiting real forever for the first song “Good Forever”. Since the video of Johnta recording it.

    Overall it’s a 7 very solid R&B tracks but what’s the point of this release when it’s even not mastered.

    Seems like Johnta is doing Detox…


  6. Tee

    I’m glad he making moves cz it’s been a long time coming. He’s has a great voice an always bring a lil somin special.


  7. Pour Music LD Sodiler

    Man I already knew he had these song out aslo I’ve heard some of them & they is Good song, it a shame that he got just 7 song tracklist


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