Tracklisting: Tyga – ‘Hotel California’

Hotel California

Tyga made plenty of noise with the original cover art for Hotel California. Now the Young Money rapper unleashes the tracklisting (and revised artwork) for the album, due April 9.

The 15 tracks include the Rick Ross-assisted single “Dope,” plus collaborations with Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Chris Brown, Future, 2 Chainz, Wiz Khalifa, Jadakiss, and even Tupac.

“I’m comfortable. I’ve built my own sound, but I’m not going to drift away from that sound too much,” he previously said of the follow-up to last year’s Careless World: Rise of the Last King.

See the tracklisting below.

Hotel California

Hotel California Tracklisting

1. “500 Degrees” feat. Lil Wayne
2. “Dope” feat. Rick Ross
3. “Get Loose”
4. “Diss Song”
5. “Hit ‘Em Up” feat. Jadakiss and 2Pac
6. “Molly”
7. “F**k for the Road” feat. Chris Brown
8. “Show You” feat. Future
9. “It Never Rains”
10. “Moe” feat. Wiz Khalifa
11. “Hijack” feat. 2 Chainz
12. “Get Rich”
13. “Enemies”
14. “Drive Fast, Live Young”
15. “Palm Trees”

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  1. wonderland19

    Too many features Tyga.


    RihNaj Reply:

    @wonderland19, And no nicki minaj?? what? lol


  2. Mumu



  3. Add Joey Mannarino on Facebook!

    Tyga is underrated and gets too much shit! Good features but wish we could have gotten a sung hook like he did last time around with Marsha and Robin! I would have loved to see John Legend do a track with him.


    Hov Reply:

    @Add Joey Mannarino on Facebook!, your a dumbass


    Kalin Reply:

    @Hov, And you’re a Chris Brown fan, which is the same.


    Trey Reply:

    @Hov, Shut yo dumbass up. You’re not Jay-Z. Change yo name dickrider & Tyga is one of the most underrated MCs out. I like both album covers.


    C Reply:

    @Trey, Lol @ you calling Tyga an MC


  4. Ricky

    Tyga I’s gonna goLd on this Bitch…..


  5. Miszi

    I liked features on the debut more. Can’t believe 2 Chainz is being featured all the time, he has an average flow, bad voice and horrible lyrics. Anyways, can’t wait, especially for the single with Chris Brown/


  6. Nathan

    Features for days and basic ass niggas won’t let Pac rest smfh


  7. jkhzdfjsgdf

    Drive Fast, Live Young – sounds like MIA ‘Live Fast, Die Young’ haha Tyga Ty!


  8. vmili

    I hope Future does the hook, he has a cool singing voice
    Disappointed Drake’s not on it & i was kinda expecting Iggy to be featured for some reason, i guess cause she was opening for him back in Summer
    Did Honey Cocaine get the drop? lol


  9. Zack

    Looks good! Tyga is one of my favourites, hope he can make some noise!


  10. MTV_news



    Ruthy Reply:

    @MTV_news, Thank God.


  11. Tygass

    Lets be honest Pac would not have worked with none of these artists. Hell if Tupac was alive these gay ass ‘rappers’ would not even exist! Tyga would be working in McDonalds the rap game is a joke right now!


    tgod Reply:

    @Tygass, feel sorry for u for hating on tyga as if he acres. Have a life.


  12. Tygass

    tyga is wack! Pac would never let him be a rapper


  13. Chris

    ALBUM OF THE YEAR. I’m calling it now.


    Drew Reply:

    @Chris, LMFAO!!!!!!!! That will be a toss up between “Born Sinner” & “Nothing Was The Same.”


    cey Reply:


    big word


  14. CV2012

    tyga ..youre done


  15. Sizzurp Sky

    We found Richard Parker


  16. GSTAR

    no NICKI. for sure! cuz shes overrated……….


  17. boizdreamer

    I like 7 tracks from da tracklist.


  18. ASH

    i don’t know what it is, I like Tyga but not enough to buy an album. His single “dope,” is hot though. Keep using that producer and you’ll be fine.


  19. vps

    This post is great. I realy love it!


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