Video: Justin Bieber f/ Ludacris – ‘All Around the World’

Ludacris and Justin Bieber

What’s it like to be one of the biggest pop stars on the planet? Justin Bieber jets across the globe, playing show after show on his “Believe” tour in the video for “All Around the World,” the latest release from his 2012 album Believe.

The live performance clip shows the 19-year-old singer on stage in Paris, Madrid, and New York, where he meets up with Ludacris at the famed Apollo Theater. He gets mobbed by fans as he drives through the streets and shows off his dance moves.

Grab your passport and take a trip with the Biebs.

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  1. ooo



  2. Hayley

    Lame. ONe direction has officially dethroned this clown.


    Kire9 Reply:

    @Hayley, Did u watch the video? lol He’s def far from my favorite but it’s obvious he’s not “dethroned” nor do they have the impact this kid has “All Around The World” lol


  3. valerie



  4. RihNaj

    I dont really like the kid but why does everyone thinks every video should be perfect???? atleast you got a visual some artist dont even bother making videos nemore, so just stfu and enjoy haters.


  5. nate

    He’s fukin gay


  6. Aven

    @Dear Nate,

    Stop being a tool and get your ignorant head out of your ass. Bieber is heterosexual but even if he wasn’t who cares?

    Oh and btw, the video rocks hard.

    P.S Not even a belieber, but I recognize talent. To say 1D can touch JB is ridic.


  7. woolf

    lol haters


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