New Music: Mariah Carey f/ Miguel & Young Jeezy – ‘#Beautiful (Remix)’

Young Jeezy and Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey drops the fourth of five remixes to her Miguel-assisted hit single “#Beautiful.” Following the A$AP Rocky remix and Spanglish version, MC recruits Young Jeezy for the hip-hop remix, which is our favorite yet.

The new version features a reworked beat by DJ Mustard (“Rack City”) and some high notes courtesy of Mariah. Jeezy adds just enough gruffness to make it complete.

Listen to their “#Beautiful” collabo below.

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  1. Brian

    Its getting annoying with her remixes just bring the album out…


  2. Mariah Carey is the Queen of the Music Industry






    Fa Reply:

    @Mariah Carey is the Queen of the Music Industry,
    Lonely summer of yours!


  3. Ice

    Reworked beat? He just added bass. I’ll take the original over this, it sounds all over the place.



    all this promo and remixes and still not platinum?


    Kemar Reply:

    @QUEEN MINAJ, You must be talking about the extensive promo and inadequate re-release of Roman Reloaded cause it’s STILL not platinum 15 months later.


    DRB Reply:

    @QUEEN MINAJ, Define “all this promo.” Aside from a performance on Idol, she hasn’t done shit. Remixes, I’m pretty sure they were done bc the album pushed back means the second single is pushed back. Soooo… this is a hold over til she finishes her album and can focus on actual promotion.


  5. Mariah Carey is the Queen of the Music Industry

    @ Queen minaj

    All those FEATUREs and collabs and still NO #1 single ??! oOp Nicki FLOPaj


    GET READY biatches!!



  6. John

    ILL AS FUCK. Young Jeezy and MC went in. This is the best slice of bombmastic hip-pop I’ve heard since the Ying Yang Twins and Usher.


  7. J

    Yessss Slayriah!!

    The new era…. 2013


  8. Jay-Me

    There are elements of this I like. I think Jeezy could have come harder. Nothing has dethroned the original for me.


  9. Channel_ROMAN

    What is this?


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  11. Becca

    WOW. I thought the original was sweet and enjoyable, but ultimately a little safe. This is HOT, and that new “feel me” hook is addictive. Kaleidoscope Dream is the shit, but I have to say, Mariah sounds much more alive with Jeezy on board.


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  13. @Nardiebefly (twitter)

    This remix is so dope. Even the original cant top this. Mariah has a real NUMBER ONE on her hands. Tear it up baby.


  14. Mariah 20

    Mariah we love is back show them how it’s done this should hit number most likely the top 10


  15. Lea

    Great remix. Great new voals. Wish it would’ve been completely reworked (producton wise) like she did in the 90s but I guess with the new Bilboard rules, it’s pointless to do so. The original is better but this remix is hot as well.


  16. Blue21 party (he ain't Ready)

    she will do manys remix to whatever song she think it need a remix to nice remix


  17. Bobs

    Her Vocals should have been like this on original. I hate jeezy tho.


  18. Mykee

    I appreciate a remix that sounds slightly different from the original, but this was just ALL OVER the place. It was a mess. She had runs in random places, some good, some wrong…it just felt a bit much!


  19. Jamie

    Good God this is the remix of all remixes. I am in love with this song its unreal


  20. April O'Neil



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  22. bibi93



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