2 Chainz Reflects on Success, Illuminati in ’24 Hours to Live’ Miniseries

2 Chainz

In anticipation of his upcoming album B.O.A.T.S. II: Me Time (due September 10), 2 Chainz debuts his “24 Hours to Live” miniseries. In the first episode, cameras follow him to South Africa and L.A.

“I thought, what if I only had 24 hours to live?” he says. “‘Cause the thing is, you never know when it’s your last 24 hours.”

He reflects on his fame and fortune, while flashing back to meeting Jay-Z and Beyoncé at the NBA All-Star Game, attending the VMAs, BET Awards, Coachella, and ASCAP Awards.

“Of course I appreciate them, but I didn’t get a chance to absorb because the next day I had something to do,” says Chainz.

So he decided to stay about a week in South Africa and just “absorb some of the vibes.”

He also shares his thoughts on the Illuminati and its connection to hip-hop.

“What I always wanted to know was why Illuminati only catered to rappers,” ponders 2 Chainz. “Seems like it came out after Jay-Z became so successful. That shit don’t mean nothing. That means that God has pinpointed you to be successful and to be basically privileged. And for me, I grinded, I worked hard, I prayed for this.”

Follow him on his journey to enlightenment.

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  1. Thor

    2chainz on illuminati…..yess! Haterz just be bringing people down when they get successful!!


  2. Jo

    Not really happy for his success but if someone says they don’t like a certain song does not make them a hater. If someone brings up illuminati does not bring down someone else’s success


  3. Chloé Magnolia

    Now that we’re talking about the Illuminati, can someone give me an explanation of who they are, what they stand for and why they are so feared? It seems like everyone is just sitting around a big ol’ digital campfire, spreading the myths of these secret societies of which they know very little themselves. Give me some solid, concrete information.


    steven Reply:

    @Chloé Magnolia, yeah chainz is right illuminati shit its a trash it aint gonna help..


    ash Reply:

    @Chloé Magnolia, why don’t you just research it?


    Chloé Magnolia Reply:

    Haha, I guess I could. It would just save me a lot of time if someone could just explain it to me. As an old Dutch saying says: “I’d rather be lazy than tired.”


    Jay Reply:

    @Chloé Magnolia,

    Nobody really knows, word is they’re a secret society that control what people see and what’s in the media. For example 2 chainz influence, smoke, sip lean, sell dope whatever. They actually want people to do this because they need plenty of people to work at burger king. That way the COE of burger king stays on top. (COEs should be Illuminat) If more people had degrees and job skills burger king would have a hard time finding someone to work for minimum wage.

    Just an example, I don’t know how true that is. You’ll be reading all kinds of crazy shit about em. I think some of it is true but not all of it. Either way it’s really interesting. It becomes more of a hobby, researching that type of stuff.


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