Video: 50 Cent – ‘Can’t Help Myself (I’m Hood)’

I'm Hood

50 Cent’s new album is still awaiting a release date, but he keeps churning out the visuals. Curtis takes it back to the ‘hood in the video for “Can’t Help Myself (I’m Hood),” a cut off his DJ Drama-hosted mixtape The Lost Tape, which was released in May of last year.

“I’m hood, I’m so hood/ I’m ghetto like a motherfu**er,” boasts 50 as he pushes weight in the projects.

See 50 get his hustle on in the gritty clip.

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  1. Gob1in

    So hood that you don’t even pay child support or even care for your child.

    Way to play into the stereotype!

    And please, at this rate, Lil Wayne is more “hood” than you. At least he served time during his fame, whereas you haven’t even been given a speeding ticket.


    Brian Reply:

    @Gob1in, gtfo here


    EP23 Reply:

    @Gob1in, wtff You don’t have to go to jail to be hood…


    PHX Reply:

    @Gob1in, That is the dumbest definition of hood I’ve ever seen. Being in jail isn’t some badge of honor to be proud of. Coming where 50 came from and how he came up and to not get locked up while being famous is something to be proud of.

    Anyways I like this track but don’t see the point of putting the video out for this a year later.


    nnn Reply:

    @Gob1in, stfu schoolboy


  2. Usher






  4. Aqs

    This track good, but that “Don’t Turn On Me” wit Skyler Grey that leaked a few days ago is f*ckin awesome
    50 has a great album coming, but nobody knows when


  5. Sofritz456

    @Gob1in, dumbass 50 a convicted felon he got out early cuz of the shock program. N 50 was known to go at supremes team in southside queens. Thts y he got shot . Lil wayne was getting extorted buy the bloods how hood is tht. Check your info bfre you talk out your ass. Smfh


  6. bigman

    he’s hood ? looool that makes me chuckle


  7. jimscreechie

    “I dont f–k wit dem niggas from my projects/they on section 8 but niggas cars is str8/they aint out in the day time them niggas roaches/I don’t stop down there if I aint got the toaster” – 50 Cent


  8. Siya

    I’m warning yu don’t turn on me


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