Chris Brown, Drake, J. Cole, Kelly Rowland, & TLC Hit Vegas for iHeartRadio Festival

Katy Perry and Drake

The iHeartRadio Music Festival returned to Las Vegas with a superstar lineup. Hip-hop, R&B, rock, pop, and country artists filled the bill at the two-day festival at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Friday’s concert kicked off with performances from Chris Brown, J. Cole, Elton John, Katy Perry, Queen, fun., and more.

Diddy got the show started by introducing Robin Thicke, who performed “Blurred Lines.” J. Cole brought out TLC and Miguel, Katy Perry performed “Dark Horse” with Juicy J, and Chris Brown delivered thrills with his dance-heavy set.

During an interview backstage, Breezy confirmed that his album X will be released in November. He also revealed the titles of two songs he wrote for J.Lo’s album, “Same Girl” and “Emotions.”

After presenting onstage, Kelly Rowland posed backstage with T-Boz and Chilli, J. Cole met Elton John, and Drake caught up with Katy Perry.

The festival continues today with performances from Drake, Justin Timberlake, Miley Cyrus, Bruno Mars, Miguel, Danity Kane, Ke$ha, and more.

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  1. Meme

    Drake you album is insane. Best rap album in decades. #millifirstweek


    troof Reply:

    @Meme, u do realize MBDTF dropped 3 years ago right?


    meme Reply:

    @troof, i sure did…u do realize that it has been forgotten months after its release. Aint no one even talking about that album to date.


    C94B Reply:


    Trust me, people are still talking about it. As Kanye said (even though one wouldn’t expect less from the album’s generator, let alone Kanye West), it is known as one of the very few “perfect” rap albums. Difference between MBDTF & other “perfect” rap albums is the fact that MBDTF is considered a masterpiece for its musicality and instrumentation. It’s an album from a man with a vision, with specific events leading up to it. One of a kind, a child of both opportunity & preparation. I love Drake as an artist, but I firmly believe he’ll never be able to reach THAT kind of musical perfection.


    troof Reply:

    @C94B, well said.


    Meme Reply:

    @C94B, Kanye is that you? My opinion is my opinion. Drakes words touch me greater than any other rapper ever. His lyrics are relatable and his vocabilary is greater than them all combined. I’m not being bias at all. Perhaps I wasn’t a drake fan until about a year ago when I really started list ring to his music. It’s his subject matter that makes him so classic. And let’s not talk about his delivery


    Mohamed Reply:

    @Meme, “Drake’s words touch me greater than any other rapper ever. His lyrics are relatable and his vocabulary is greater than all of them combined.” Stop while you’re ahead. It’s clear you’re a hip-hop newbie. There is nothing “classic” about Drake — anyone can rap and sing about love, fame, heartbreak, strippers, fake friends, etc. Nothing new here.

    jaras Reply:

    @meme, LOL. The album was rated album of the century. I thought you were a reasonable poster on this site, but you’ve proven to be quite an imbecile unfortunately.


    Wole Reply:

    @jaras, lmao. Chill. I don’t even like drake. But u don’t need to call her an Imbecile. I know people that think 2chainz album is legendary. Also yeezus. Why do we call those people. Don’t hate so much. Wow.


    Jake Reply:

    @Wole, But it is an imbecile — on top of being a troll. Chances are, if an artist’s name isn’t Drake or Rihanna you’re a “flop” or not worth much.

    Quinn Reply:

    @Meme, It is FAR from the best rap album in decades. Hell, it’s not even the best rap album this year.


    zay Reply:

    @Meme, your opinion is obviously biased looking at your avi. Cause J Cole album better


    Pilar Reply:

    @zay, Yes, it is. Nothing is touching Born Sinner this year, as of yet.


  2. Natasha

    Damn, Drake & Cole should’ve got a pic together with their fine asses.


  3. Rachel

    Wow, Chris.


  4. As

    Am not ready for a chris brown album that fortune album was a disappointed


  5. Hov

    drake looks so lame with a backwards hat smh


  6. ThatBeeBrian

    Danity Kane was there why is there no photos of them D:
    Don’t throw them shade Rap up!

    Help them out a bit :3


  7. ThatBeeBrian

    as they post videos of them after i say that haha. thanks


  8. kate

    kelly go girl


    priscilla Reply:

    @kate, Go girl! Yes, go and present someone with musical talent that she doesnt possess. that’s all she good for. she thought she was going to get simon, the x factor guy money, but he is back with his pregnant girlfriend where he belongs. i bet she dont last a season of xfactor



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