Drake on Aaliyah Album: ‘I Wish Them the Best of Luck’

Drake and Aaliyah

Is a posthumous Aaliyah album still in the works? After announcing plans to spearhead the project, Drake is now uncertain of its future.

In August 2012, the Toronto MC announced that he and producer Noah “40″ Shebib had been tapped by Blackground Records to produce a new album from Aaliyah and had received the family’s blessing. But once word got out, Aaliyah’s fans and close collaborators expressed their disapproval.

During an interview with Elliott Wilson for his CRWN series this week, Drake was asked about the project’s status.

“I don’t know. I think the press got out of hand and they maybe had a different vision for it or something,” he said. “It was sounding great to me. Whatever they end up doing with it, I wish them the best of luck.”

While he may not be as involved, he hopes that his song will still make the cut. “There might be a record on there with me and her, I’m not sure. It was great. It sounded really good.”

One year ago, Drake released his Aaliyah collaboration “Enough Said” to mixed reviews.

Aaliyah’s friends including Timbaland, Missy Elliott, and DMX were critical of releasing new music from the late singer. “We’re talking about unfinished music and we don’t know her reasoning for not putting those records out,” said Missy.

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  1. Tiger

    Hahahahaha nobody wanted him to do it.


    kathy Reply:

    @Tiger, He has a LOT of nerve with his stupid self. Missy is absolutely right. Why dont he dig up Ella Fitzgerald, since he likes digging up dead people. We have too many LIVE people walking around needing careers to buy that foolishness.


  2. Kelly

    Drake gets on my nerves! :/


  3. Heather

    Here we go again.


  4. Glamazon

    Why can’t she just rest in peace


    maria Reply:

    Somebody tell this Canadian Coon to go home. I’m mad at Lil Wayne for giving him teeth to eat steak with.


  5. Sushi

    *gasp* thank God. I like Drake and Aaliyah.. but separate. You can’t put ice cream and canadian bacon on the same plate (though.. they do taste good together.. you should try it!)


    SdotB Reply:

    @Sushi, you say you can’t put them on the plate together but then suggest people should try it together because it tastes good, together…hmmm


  6. Kyle

    I respect his desire to do an Aaliyah album. He clearly is a huge fan of hers just like many of us are but some things should just be left alone and I think this project was of them. The only way I would get into another posthumous Aaliyah release would be if Timbaland & Missy did it.


    kathy Reply:

    @Kyle, Right. that is the way she would have wanted it.


  7. Unk

    Funny how after all that I bet after what Tim is doing this year they will try to beg him and missy to do the album. They Blackground as usual don’t know what they are doing.


  8. Mikos Monroe

    I just think if her mother and brother is not 100% involved hands on wit the project they shouldn’t release it. I think Missy, Timberland, and Playa should also be involved in it. It should also feature Lil-Kim who’s been down wit Aaliyah, and also the DaBrat.


  9. august alsina, gilbere forte

    fuck u all that says releasing that record was goina be a bad idea!


  10. Eddy

    WE KNOW WHY!!! cause Blackground records ARE BROKE AS FUCK!!! Plus JoJo is suing their asses right now! and they’re gonna lose! so hard! they were gonna use the Aaliyah album to make money to somehow redeem their overwhelmingly torrid reputation as a label! finally that! Someone as amazing as JOJO is taking them to court so they can GET STOP FUCKING UP EVERYTHING!…


  11. ForeverBabyGirl

    I would much rather have Drake doing this album, instead of these ratchet underground nobody producers that Blackground have got. But like he said, the backlash from the press fucked that up. At least Drake had a genuine interest & cared about the project.

    Barry Hankerson is just using this album for profit, probably trying to save his forever dying label, who continue to put JoJo’s career in distress.

    In a perfect world, this album would be handled by the right people (Timbo, Missy, etc) with of course the consent of Aaliyah’s brother & mother (Hankerson’s Sister)


  12. Speechless

    That’s because he knows no one likes him doin it. He finally realized he should sit his ass down and leave Aaliyah alone.


  13. Phil

    The thing is : if it wasn’t for Drake, a lot of young people would’nt even know about Aaliyah. I am not saying that making an entire album was his best idea, but you can’t bash him for trying to pay hommage and keep her legacy alive.


    Music Fan Reply:

    @Phil, so true


    L.E.K Reply:

    @Phil, Wait wait..so you’re saying if it wasn’t him younger people such as teens would’nt know her? NO JUST NO!!!


    joe Reply:

    @L.E.K, its true


  14. Music Fan

    I don’t see why Drake/40 Sheib along with Missy and Tim can all work on it together. New school with the old school vibe. I love timberland and all but before 20/20 experience and the magna carta album who has been really checking for his production. It would be dope if he and missy could be the Executive producers and allow people like drake, 40, pharrell and who ever else come and create some great production for a Aaliyah album. Over if its going to be done doing right please no electronic dance music sound


  15. Bossdup_beleedat

    I was lookin forward to this album! I love Aaliyah and it would have been life to hear her voice again even if it was unreleased material. But I guess it’s lookin dark on this project :(


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