Video: Rihanna – ‘What Now’ [Sneak Peek]


Ahead of Friday’s premiere, Rihanna debuts a sneak peek of the dark and eery video for “What Now,” the fifth single off Unapologetic.

A tormented RiRi goes “red carpet goth” as she sings in a white room in the clip, which was shot in Thailand over the summer.

“It’s gonna be kinda eery, very creepy because ‘What Now’ is one of those songs that you can get really boring with the visual,” said RiRi. “Everybody’s probably expecting like a narrative type of video, a love story of some sorts, something really soft and pretty. It is pretty and kinda soft, but it’s really a little demented.”

Watch the 30-second teaser below.

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  1. KayeV

    a hint of Disturbia x Russian Roulette .. bring on the video lets see !!


    The Crowd Updater Reply:

    @KayeV, I was thinking the same thing… but that makes it sound like the video’s gonna be predictable and boring. I’ll wait to see when it drops


  2. TRP

    This is giving me flash backs of the Rated R era, her best era if you ask me.


    JBRND Reply:

    @TRP, YES!!!!!!!!!


  3. basic

    welp at least we know she wont be singing this (LIVE) or without backtracking (which she cant sing without) video looks boring and weird as usual wheres Beyonce? ugh


    melvin Reply:

    @basic, please let me know what album’s you have out I’ll wait out right none so please swerve and go somewhere with your irrelevant Comment


    wontletup Reply:

    @basic, listen here you little cunt! You better open up swallow the fucking anchor ! #RIHANNAFUCKINNAVY #WhatNOW! Basic bitch’s have a bench! BYE!


    meme Reply:

    @basic, she already did bitch…and she slayed. worry about beyonce and her fat neck. where her music?


    Girl boom Reply:

    @basic, she sings it live on her stadium tour, without a backing track. WELL. nice try though.

    and as if Beyoncé has ever outshined Rihanna. pls


  4. RiRiDelKnowles

    Love this shit!!! That Hair Cut honestly was Pure LIFE!!!!


    Onika Reply:

    @RiRiDelKnowles, Hair Cut…. ARE YOU SERIOUS !?


    RiriDelknowles Reply:

    @Onika, Yes!! Why ? you mad ? #NoBasics #Please #MulletsOnDezHauexs


  5. Navyordie

    @meme I couldn’t agree with you more! And @basic, I feel bad for you because you sound very ignorant. Rihanna has performed this all throughout her tour and also did an Outstanding job at singing it on Alan Carr.. Don’t hate


  6. pranab mondal

    i love my rihanna.evre day i have drim rihanna and iloveyou rihanna.


  7. pranab mondal

    evre time i leasone rihanna song.iam big fan of rihanna.she is my heart bit.idont forget rihanna.she is my oxigen.bcz irember evre sec.


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