Alicia Keys and John Legend Perform Tribute to Nelson Mandela

John Legend and Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys was in Australia when she learned of Nelson Mandela’s passing. To honor the anti-apartheid icon, she performed a musical tribute during her “Set the World on Fire” tour in the Yarra Valley. With some help from her tourmate John Legend, they dedicated an acoustic version of Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song” to Madiba.

“We wanted to do something special for you in honor of the great Nelson Mandela, who I feel so moved by in every way,” said Alicia. “What an incredible life lived and what an inspiration for us to all carry forward.”

Alicia had the privilege of performing for Mandela at the Mandela Day concert in honor of his 91st birthday. “I was in awe of a man whose soul was filled with an effortless and rare love that only comes once in a lifetime,” she said. “He was a gentle man with a beautiful smile, and deep eyes that always saw the best in humanity. His legacy lives on in all of us!”

Watch them dedicate their duet to Mandela.

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  1. Sarah

    They’re amazing with beautiful voices;love them


  2. Usher

    Beautiful. Alicia is so amazing, love her!


  3. JD

    I really like them both and love the concept but didn’t really like the performance. Dunno why, but I really didn’t enjoy this. I don’t feel like they got hot or did the song justice till the last minute.


  4. Anita

    This was a very special performance. Thanks so much for posting.


  5. Honest

    It was simple beautiful, touching a appropriate for the occasion.

    Alicia Keys and John Legend are true artist and musician.


  6. afro american girl

    Tears rollin,nice 1



    wooow I love the performance Alicia ma dear & John u guys rock


  8. beverley m

    I loved it they r 2 dynamic artist GOD continue to bless them for all they do


  9. beverley m

    I loved the song choice and they nailed two excellent artist


  10. Boikanyo Pearl Moseki

    indeed a gud thing to pay tribute to the legend,its him after jesus,nobody else.Boikanyo Pearl Moseki. Jwaneng.Botswana


  11. kelvin

    love these two


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