Video Premiere: Kat Dahlia – ‘The High’

Kat Dahlia

Kat Dahlia is using her voice to speak out on an important issue. The Miami singer tackles domestic violence in the video for “The High,” a cut off her mixtape Seeds.

In the Garcia-directed clip, which was shot in Miami, Kat’s intimate love affair turns violent when her man starts to abuse her. Although visually provocative, the underlying message is the disturbingly high rate of domestic violence against women. Kat directs viewers to a website for the Speak Up Foundation, where women can go to seek help.

Kat has been busy gearing up for her new single, “Crazy,” and will hit the road in support of the launch. Her Seeds mixtape is now available online as a free download.

Look out for her debut My Garden later this year.

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  1. Free Spirit

    I LIKE Kat Dahlia for her personality and artistry, but I just cannot seem to get into her music… Does that make any sense???… But anyway, I like the video and concept behind it… Kat is really pretty, kinda like a mixed of Katy Perry and Demi Lovato… I know y’all see it… LOL.


    Anthony Reply:

    @Free Spirit, Sorry but I don’t see what you mean… Gangster was a beautiful song.


    FormerlyFromTokyo Reply:

    @Free Spirit, I get it. There are some artists that I am into them BECAUSE their personality and artistry, but their music is almost forgettable to me. But the former two make me check out the latter.


  2. roma

    love it


  3. kaila_kx

    heavy video…it’s refreshing to see a singer be this vulnerable by putting their own story out there


  4. Audrey

    Wow! This is heavy…. She looks beautiful though. She reminds me of Pink in that bathtub of rose petals. I hope this isn’t her real life story…those statistics make me sad at the beginning and end of the video.


  5. Taty

    Kat looks sexy!! This shit is deep. I was in a horrible relationship with an ex boyfriend like this where you’re afraid to leave and afraid to love, it can do some real damage. I totally relate to this song but especially the video.


  6. MILLZ



  7. yungDRO

    my favorite track off the mixtape!


  8. trevorkills

    damn kat went in on this one #dirtydade


  9. marymags

    wow….wasn’t expecting this one


  10. ConStantine

    This video really hit home for me. Thank you Kat for shedding some light on real-world issues we have to face everyday. Some artist just use their fame to boast themselves and you are just real.


  11. PAYDAY

    Rihanna and Chris Brown ^


  12. Mary

    Omg I love this!!!!!!!!! Can’t wait for the album


  13. DjangoBchained

    amazing song. powerful video. Respect.


  14. Kato



  15. Eagle



  16. julesxo

    where’s the video for Crazy?!?!


  17. DjWW

    It wasn’t my favorite song on Seeds but I’m definitely diggin it more now. The video helps brings out the real meaning behind the lyrics


  18. MamaJamma

    true blood?


  19. RomanGAGA

    I think it’s so brave of her to make a video like this. She’s written about her abusive/toxic relationship in a few songs from Shades Of Gray, and has also spoken about it slightly in interviews. But now it’s like we get to see it for our own eyes. I’m glad she took a negative experience and turned it into something that could be helpful to others.


  20. Ms.Jackson

    Never heard of this girl before. I really like it.


  21. bonnie

    dis video iz intence!!!! u look b-e-a-utifullll kat, luv dat bathtub seen.


  22. Liv

    how come they are vampires? i think it takes away from the story. kat looks hot but that boi wit the dirrty a-crack needs to hit the road, ya lil’ nasty


  23. eddieB

    perfection. I knew she was going to shit on everyone like this. Her album isn’t even out and she’s makin waves. big things for her in 2014!


  24. CurtisDonDeano

    What I like is how she took something so sensitive and made it art. The vampire part glamorized it, the way women sometimes glamorize abuse, by justifying it as something else.


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