Keyshia Cole and Iggy Azalea Remake ‘Mo Money Mo Problems’

Keyshia Cole and Iggy Azalea

Keyshia Cole and Iggy Azalea are joining forces. The Oakland songstress and Aussie rapper have remade a Biggie classic for the upcoming soundtrack to The Other Woman. The song was produced by Irv Gotti, who shared a snippet on Instagram.

Over a sample of the Notorious B.I.G.’s Life After Death single “Mo Money Mo Problems” featuring Puff Daddy and Ma$e, Iggy can be heard rapping while Keyshia sings the familiar hook.

“Ni**as be catching me in my mode. Hahah. @keyshiacole and @thenewclassic shit sounds great,” said Irv. “[Director] Nick Cassavetes loves it @paul_smenus so I’m happy! Y’all will hear it in its entirety soon enough. And it’s in The Other Woman Movie.”

The romantic comedy, starring Nicki Minaj, Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, and Kate Upton, hits theaters April 25.

Preview their hot track below.

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  1. NOPE

    I guess KC didn’t learn her lesson from working with a few years ago.


    Mandela Barb Reply:

    @NOPE, Who told Iggy she could rap? She sounds horrid. I went into my listening with so much positivity, genuinely wishing Iggy and Keyshia the best. I thought, “yo, I guess Iggy really making moves now.” Well, she is making moves but.. that voice is incurable.


  2. Bad Boy Records

    SMH why let them ruin a classic?!?!!


    slyboi Reply:

    @Bad Boy Records, precisely my thoughts. damn.


    Major Sushi Reply:

    @Bad Boy Records, Actually it sounds good. Compared to other hip-hop artists that ruined it *coughRickRoss*


  3. Raven-Symone

    Yes! Can’t wait to hear it. I want Iggy to succeed so badly.


  4. Zave

    Ok ok I can dig it! You better climb yo way to the top Iggy!


  5. no angel

    would have rather had Nicki and someone else do the song , she’s in the movie anyway


    Oh Reply:

    @no angel, Should have did Nicki ft Iggy!! and why Keyshia cole? shouldve got somebody more relevant like Beyonce or something



    Sounds like it might be dope. We def know that Keyshias vocals can pull this song off.


  7. JFB

    Love me some Iggy


  8. Ice

    Nice to see Irv Gotti again, one of the most influential producers of the 90s, imo.


    Ice Reply:

    @Ice, Meant to say early 2000s, not 90s.


  9. Nay

    I’m a nicki fan but I must admit iggy killed it, but I rather hear nicki on it.. Lol


  10. all me

    Smh this trash big is rolling in his grave iggy cant rap hip hop community aint messing with Nicki already did this song her version is called I’M CUMMIN its on youtube check it out its from her mixtape Play Time Is Over


  11. analysis Minaj

    It’s cute


  12. Mao_the_cat

    not again, this sample.. i’m tired of it


  13. ILLA

    Sweet! You’re gonna need some dope ass breakdowns to pull that one off!
    Take it to another level, switch it up, hit em like they momma with a switch!


  14. Leave the classics alone

    No shots at the ladies, just would rather hear them get a lot more creative. I’ll be really glad when people start to appreciate the creative artists that we do have today from old to new (i.e. kanye, d’angelo, kid cudi, gaga, zebra katz, leikeli47, little dragon, odd future, etc.). Everything is “turn up” or a horrible remake of a song from the 1990′s 0r early 2000 era, LET IT GO ALREADY! I just had a conversation with someone who told me D’angelo is wack and washed…WHAT?! Because he made mistakes? So did The Beatles, Janis Joplin but that doesn’t take away from their legacy, nor should it. It’s sad that dope artists get over looked and talked about like crazy, and it doesn’t help that these social networks have turned EVERYONE into disrespectful critics. What has happened to us? Nothing seems fun anymore. Everything is very forced and fake nowadays. To each is own when it comes to personal music choice/genre, all I’m saying is that its time these horrible artists take a back seat to artists who genuinely make good music. Give me some classic shit to bump in my car until then I’ll pass on this wack shit y’all trying to force feed us.
    #nowplaying Missy Elliot – The Rain. #dontremakethispleaseandthankyou


  15. DON

    Nicki said she might have a song on the soundtrack.


  16. Shy

    Iggy kill her verse but I rather have iggy and nicki on it together


  17. Red minaj

    So wack ass Aussie rapper TRIES to flow over a biggie record =Fail she can’t rap Irv Gotti this really confirms you washed up doing all that as if she killing shit. So disappointing


  18. Kunt

    Why the fuck they had to ruin such a good song? Who let them do this? I’m disgusted.


  19. thedon

    Dumb and Dumber



    You can never win with this generation, if you don’t like it don’t comment and keep it moving. Personally can’t wait should be dope


  21. Patt



  22. Derek

    Since Nicki Minaj is actually starring in the film, although she’s a supporting character, I think she’s more fit to the song than Iggy (no shade)in my opinion.

    Keyshia Cole will definitely pull off the hook.

    I’ll give it a try since it won’t be Nicki Minaj feat. Keyshia Cole- Mo Money Mo Problems


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