New Music: August Alsina f/ Rick Ross – ‘Benediction’ [Snippet]


August Alsina blesses the Internet with a two-minute snippet of his Rick Ross collaboration “Benediction.” The New Orleans crooner pays tribute to his late brother and tells his tale of survival on the soulful track, which features a holy verse from Rozay.

“It’s like the ending track on the album and it just simply says, let us in with the benediction,” August told Rap-Up TV. “Why not go get Ross? And he spit that shit on it too.”

The full song will be available if you pre-order his debut Testimony on iTunes this Tuesday.

The album arrives April 15 featuring Pusha T and the Jeezy-assisted single “Make It Home.”

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  1. jon doe

    yo….this man sucks yo….the music matters first…he tryna beef with folks, when his music still sound like 2005….and he’s basically giving us a “not so new” version of trey songz….yea he has a few good tunes, yea his past was tough for him…i respect that…hell i respect his story more than i do his music….and they keep pulling that story out left and right becus thats what kinda intrigues the ppl and get them attentive…like his “thing”….but the music isnt…i wanna know what the next two albums are gonna sound like lmao theyre giving out deals to ANYBODY these days….smh


    Nyraa_09 Reply:

    @jon doe, First, August Alsina is not trash you just mad cause you can’t be like him. Second, his music aint trash you just gotta be able to relate and understand it. Those who are lames are the ones who hate on August I personally love August Alsina a lot of people do and you haters aint gone stop his shine if you find him to be trashy that’s your lost how many people cram into a building just to see your face or to hear you sing and yes his is just a person like everybody else he just was blessed with a talent and decided to use it.


  2. wonderland19

    Saw this guy live in london supporting Ryan Leslie. The girls went WILD for him. Was totally shocked.Even the guys were singing along. The guy has really good stage presence. Sounded good as well.


  3. Brandi

    I love this man and all of his music!!!!!


  4. Tricia

    This man is the… so much better than Trey… you can feel his struggle through his voice… this dude is RT!!! Louisianimal baby!!


  5. Nyraa_09

    He tells his story and the truth through his music been rockin wit him from da beginning…I love August Alsina he is the truth and the best there is!! <3


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