New Music: Rita Ora – ‘I Will Never Let You Down’

Rita Ora

Rita Ora reigns on. After conquering the U.K. with her 2012 debut Ora, the British bombshell comes back strong with “I Will Never Let You Down,” the first single off her sophomore album. Produced by her boyfriend Calvin Harris (“We Found Love”), the feel-good tune is bound to dominate radio and karaoke bars this summer.

“When you say you’ve had enough and you might just give it up / Oh, oh, I will never let you down,” sings Rita over the synth-heavy beat.

“I think this is the perfect song to launch my new album because I want it to be as personal and honest as possible and I’m happy right now,” said Rita. “I’m in a very good place. I really wanted people to just see how I felt and how I want other people to feel when they listen to my music, happy.”

The 23-year-old singer has collaborated with Macklemore (“Young Dreamers”) and Prince on her forthcoming album.

Does Rita have another hit on her hands? Listen and weigh in below.

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  1. Joey

    YES! She does have another huge hit in her hands in the U.K. But for America? I think she needs to come stronger and more urban. I love it!!


    diane Reply:


    Sound just like Rihanna.


  2. Major Sushi

    This sounds so.. summery…


  3. OhCram

    This sounds so… faceless. It’s nice, it’s catchy but it feels very generic. It’s like the bad parts of Jessie J’s ‘Alive’ combined. Only Jessie J’s voice is at least distinctive.


  4. Niki

    It’s a cute song.


  5. regina

    It feels like summertime. I like it alot. It makes me wanna party


  6. Kc36

    Ehh it’s ok. It’s not for me. Sounds to bland for me. I wish she would go the urban sound. Not like she don’t have the voice for it. Go hard or go home I say.


  7. Jordan Gabriel

    What’s special about this song? What’s special about this girl? NOTHING. Anyone could sing that song. Another garbage electro pop track. What has she ever achieved for her people to force feed us with her stardom? Enough of the cr@p seriously…


    EL Reply:

    @Jordan Gabriel, She is very much force fed at this point.

    She can borrow from Rihanna and Beyonce’s playbook all she wants, but if she was meant to pop in the US I’m sure it would have happened by now.

    Enough is certainly enough with Rita. Otherwise, she should just become a socialite/spokesmodel for some brand or another.


  8. meme

    This girl voice is so amazing…I cant even describe. Not really feelin this song tho…and thats coming from someone who prefer pop music over urban music. I agree that her sound should be more urban.


  9. lexi

    She has a cool voice, but she just seem wack to me. She needs to come with more fire if she wants to be big.


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