Rita Ora Performs ‘I Will Never Let You Down’ on ‘Tonight Show’

Rita Ora, Jimmy Fallon, and Mr. Brainwash

Rita Ora made a mess—literally—during her visit to “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” on Tuesday. Wearing a white dress, the blonde Brit performed her new single “I Will Never Let You Down” for the first time on television. Towards the end, pop artist Mr. Brainwash appeared, dousing Rita with colorful paint while she continued to sing.

She also got Jimmy in on the wet fun, covering his face and suit with paint.

“thank you jimmy! The whole thing you thank you for letting me be me!” tweeted Rita.

Watch her go hard in the paint.

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  1. theitjournal

    yuk ! What the hell is this ? I mean she seems like a nice person but she’s definitly a wannabe ! This is Rihanna style Head To Toe ! the converse with the dress ! the paint is similar to what Rihanna did in less gross on xfactor with only girl in the world she should really get her own style and be less pitchy in the singing (she’s no whitney houston)


    bx Reply:

    @theitjournal, I agree


  2. riri

    liar liar pants on fire Calvin Harris wrote and produced the song !!!


  3. dodo

    still don’t know who she is.


  4. mon88

    not impressed at all straight rihanna clone and im tired of hearing singers say here we go!


  5. hi

    I hate it when people act like she’s trying to be rihanna because she isnt afraid to express herself and that’s she’s daring.

    if anything she’s even more daring than rihanna i love them both


  6. Musicjunkiee

    People really urke me when they make it seem as if Rihanna made this ” Bad Girl image ” please betiney did it miley did christina A did it and so on . But Rita is actually talented . I hope she makes it to the us .


  7. A Realist

    I don’t get the Rihanna comparison. I guess people just need to compare everything to something they already know to understand it. Anyway, this was a cute performance. Never really got into her, but, after this, I’m slightly excited to see what else she has.


  8. BKzRevenge

    If she wanted to be like Rihanna she would sing really bad.. Guess not huh.


  9. Jaron

    Great voice. Great song. Great performance.


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